To be human is to have a relationship with water. We are born from water, we came from water, and our cells are bathed in water.

Bathing is one of the oldest healing practices practiced by humankind – a sacred opportunity for the bather to slow down, to luxuriate, and to reconnect with themselves and their world. Sadly, in today’s go-go world, our relationship with bathing has been largely lost. The Forgotten Power of Bathing: How a Daily Bath Can Improve Your Health and Happiness, is the prescription for getting it back.

Written by CEO of bath design company BainUltra, Elaine Drolet and physician and author Dr. Ken Redcross, the book explores how one simple change, developing a daily bathing practice, has the potential to offer you a more grounded, connected, healthy and stress-free life. Together, Drolet and Redcross distill their philosophy of bathing into five life lessons and how they tie into the benefits of a daily wellness ritual. They include:

  1. There is incredible power to slowing down on an everyday basis.
  2. There is wisdom to be found in stillness and solitude.
  3. You can renew and revitalize your life energy by stimulating your senses.
  4. Water is the most important element in nature for stimulating your senses.
  5. Bathing offers a path from inner connection outward, toward bonding with life and with others.

By the time you finish this book, you will be prepared—and excited—to begin an entirely new relationship with the eons-old human experience of bathing. If you are looking for the ultimate wellness hack, look no further than this modern take on ancient advice: take a bath.

Currently, the book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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