Placing your recycling bins in clear sight is a subtle message to clients that you are dedicated...

Placing your recycling bins in clear sight is a subtle message to clients that you are dedicated to the environment. 

If you are investing time and effort this month implementing strategies reduce your impact on the environment for Earth Month and beyond, then you should be shouting it from the rooftops.

After all, research has shown both new customers and stylists are attracted to brands that stand for more. But it is also possible to draw attention to your efforts without the big fanfare. We asked eco-leader Valorie Tate from Sustain Beauty Co and curator of the industry-first Sustainable Salon Checklist for her top tips on promoting your eco-credentials without looking smug.

1. Be seen.

Place your recycling bins in clear sight, offer reusable bags in your retail areas, and introduce bicycle parking in front of your building (if possible). All subtle clues of the work.

2. Don’t be coy.

Post your values and any initiatives you are introducing on your website and invite conversations on social channels and in salon. Periodically include something new related to sustainability, and at the end of the year or on Earth Month, post your annual reflections to highlight your year-long pledge to continuous improvement.

3. Keep good company.

Network with local businesses that align with your values and support each other in community events. Include a page listing all your sustainable partners on your website to prove you are serious, and feature regular blogs focusing on how they are helping you and vice versa. 

4. Talk the talk.

Empower your stylists to communicate your salon’s values from the chair and include them and their thoughts in features and on social. Let them lead initiatives and be seen as a voice. Work together on talking points for those less confident or knowledgeable about sustainability.

Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co.

Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co.

5. Reuse or Refill.

Implement a take-back program for hard to recycle beauty and hair products, whether you sold it or not! It’s a great way to encourage foot traffic and upsell them to responsible home care. Better still, introduce a refillery service. Both show you are thinking about the impact your business (and our industry) is making.

6. Enter Your Digital Era.

Another easy change which sends a clear message to clients is converting to e-receipts, electronic gift cards and electronic business cards that use tap or scan technology. Set up chalkboards and reusable signage for pricing menus or messaging in-salon and offer reusable – possibly branded - bags for purchasing for retail items and use them in sales promotions as a value-add.

7. Do it together.

A focus on overall wellness is an incredible reason for a client and employee get-together. Whether it’s a retreat, an in-salon yoga class, a Monday ‘get-ready-with-me’ live on social media, or a plethora of other ideas to get together and discuss the things we are facing together.

8. Amplify your message.

Download the Marketing Kit from Sustain Beauty Co and use the prompts for inspiration on social, blogs and web material.

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