Dr. Leon Alexander of Eurisko Design and Ronit Enos of Salon Cadence partner to bring great...

Dr. Leon Alexander of Eurisko Design and Ronit Enos of Salon Cadence partner to bring great design and profitability to salons. 

Eurisko Design and Salon Cadence have announced that they have formed a strategic alliance that is aimed at supporting salon owners to maximize the potential of their enterprise.

The new collaboration leverages the respective strengths of Eurisko Design and Salon Cadence to create compelling value for salons around North America. This innovative approach enables both companies to stay at the forefront of both salon design and profitability of their customers.

Eurisko CEO Leon Alexander says “Designing space and furniture that attracts new customers and the best staff to want to work for you is only half the objective. The salon must have a strategic blueprint and business model to maximize profitability and be sustainable. It must also implement a vision that is appealing to the next generation of service providers and consumers. The objective is to elevate salon owner’s mindset from owning a salon, to owning a business that happens to be in the beauty industry. Salon Cadence has been supporting salon owners achieve high profits for many years and their systems, programs and solutions are industry leading.”

Salon Cadence CEO Ronit Enos says “Salon Cadence is a networking community designed to support busy owners and managers of six and seven figure salons and spas dedicated to guiding leaders in building profitable, team-driven businesses, fostering strong profits, and making a positive global impact through certified membership programs.  The beauty industry stands on the cusp of exponential growth, a thrilling era where opportunities to scale are abundant. Preparing for this surge requires a blend of visionary design, strategic thinking, and great alliances. It all begins with a grand vision, followed by decisions that make a positive impact. The journey is not just about financial success; it’s about fostering a community that thrives together.”

“We are thrilled of the joint venture with Eurisko Design” says Enos. “A strategic alliance that resonates with our core values. Eurisko Design is not just a collaborator; they are visionaries who champion the cause of ‘Impact by Design.’ Together, we are committed to elevating every salon owner to lead a profitable and fulfilling life for them and their team. This collaboration is a testament to our belief in the power of community and shared visions.”

The industry is on the precipice of historic reinvention and Eurisko Design and Salon Cadence are now positioned to lead with new creative thinking that supports the salon owner in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and provide incomparable solutions.

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