Top 10 Songs Guaranteed to Put You in a Good Mood
Top 10 Songs Guaranteed to Put You in a Good Mood

A new study has revealed the best music for Americans to wake up to in the morning to feel good , and Vance Joy's Riptide wins the number one spot.

The research, conducted by Bonus Ninja, used Spotify's Playlist Miner tool to determine the top tunes included in 'feel-good' related playlists within the US market, to identify the songs that Americans consider to be the greatest at brightening their days.

Many are experiencing a dip in energy levels at the moment as they settle back into day-to-day routines and working life, without all the excitement sparked by the celebrations over the holiday season livening up their weeks.

However, setting a playlist as your alarm with the right music can help nip a bad mood in the bud from the get-go, as it is proven to trigger the release of dopamine, a much better way to begin your day than hearing the insistent ringing of an alarm clock.

Top 10 Happy Songs Ranked

Riptide by Vance Joy

Over 10 years on from its release, Australian singer songwriter Vance Joy’s Riptide is still making fans smile – so much so the track is the most featured song on the playlists people turn to when they fancy listening to uplifting music and is definitely a good option to be woken up gently.

With an upbeat tune and catchy lyrics, you'll find yourself singing before you've even spoken your first words on a morning with this as your alarm. It's no wonder it featured on over a tenth (12.3%) of all the playlists scanned, included in 122 of the 993.

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Unsurprisingly, the iconic hit Mr. Brightside - arguably the American band’s most successful song - is The Killers' claim to fame in the top 10, making it onto 116 of the 'feel-good' music compilations (11.7%).

The beat of this anthemic tune guarantees you won't feel like you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed and instead will have you swinging your legs out ready to dance by the time the lyrics kick in.

As It Was by Harry Styles

A more recent song comes from pop sensation Harry Styles' hit As It Was, with the synth-pop piece earning a spot on 116 of the playlists too.

The drums provide the energetic beat needed to motivate you out of bed. Paired with the mellow tone of the lyrics, it's the perfect choice if you want to be eased into a spirited feeling.

Heat Waves by Glass Animals

Indie rock band Glass Animals' Heat Waves also comes in at 116 features on 'feel good' playlists, with the infectious nature of the pop track's groovy beat and catchy lyrics making it too tempting to join in on to feel the urge to hit the snooze button.

Hey Ya! by Outkast

The fifth spot is claimed by the early 2000s hit Hey Ya! by hip hop duo Outkast, made up of rappers Big Boi and André 3000, with the pair's upbeat tune inspiring positive feelings on 106 playlists (10.7%).

If you want to wake up and immediately be in the mood to dance, this song has to be on your morning playlist.

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Another banger that'll have the initial tiredness of getting up in the morning forgotten about before you even realize it's hit you is Everybody Talks by Neon Trees.

The hit by the popular rock band, who actually have The Killers to thank for their nationwide recognition after opening several tour dates for them back in 2008, follows closely behind Hey Ya! at 105 mentions (10.6% of playlists).

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

The fast-paced nature of this song will have the grogginess of the morning dispersed in seconds, so it's no wonder Walk the Moon's Shut Up and Dance boasts a feature on 104 playlists (10.5%) created to perk up Americans' moods.

Classic by MKTO

Duo Tony Oller and Malcolm David Kelley are on 103 playlists (10.4%) as a result of their hit Classic - perhaps unsurprisingly as the song is largely responsible for MKTO's global success.

The beat of the rhythm already makes it difficult enough not to unconsciously bop along, but once the lyrics begin, it becomes near impossible. 

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Also at 103 features is Viva La Vida by world-renowned rock band Coldplay. The song is a far better choice than the blaring noise typical of an alarm clock, with the funky beat and singalong lyrics bound to leave you wanting to let it continue rather than the usual rush to hit snooze.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

Even more than 40 years after it came out, Earth, Wind & Fire's song September remains popular and is the final tune to surpass featuring on more than 100 playlists.

Rightfully so with its distinctive funky beat, the hit claims the last spot in the top 10, with 101 mentions across 'feel good' playlists.


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