Vagaro Launches MySite, A Website That Updates Itself
Vagaro Launches MySite, A Website That Updates Itself

Vagaro, a leading salon, spa and fitness software, continues to set itself apart from others, making it easier than ever before for professionals to create sophisticated websites for their business in just a few simple clicks, with the launch of Vagaro MySite.

MySite, a complete website builder with booking system, allows unlimited customization options to showcase a business’ unique brand offerings and streamlines a powerful e-commerce opportunity for businesses.

This completely customizable online store allows professionals to increase revenue by selling product beyond geographical constraints, enabling 24/7 accessibility for customers, streamlining transactions, reducing operational costs, and providing a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

MySite also saves the busy professional valuable time by automatically updating itself whenever the user changes their services, products & inventory, hours of operation, etc. within their Vagaro account.

Automatic syncing ensures a seamless overall experience for both the business owner and their clientele.

MySite stands out among its competitors as a business website builder given its unparalleled ease of use, offering an intuitive interface that allows even beginners to effortlessly create stunning websites with sophisticated designs, all at an affordable monthly rate.

Users can completely customize their website with easy-to-use drag and drop templates and effortlessly preview their brand’s new and polished online presence before publishing.

“MySite is an absolute disrupter in the space where having an online presence for your business is a staple. The forward-thinking functionality that allows the site to update itself will help our users save time, allowing them to focus more on what they love,” says Vagaro Chief Marketing Officer, Charity Hudnall.

MySite allows professionals to create their own custom domain or transfer an existing one to the platform. And, Vagaro’s multi-location compatibility makes it easy to scale as a business grows.

In addition to boosting professional credibility, increasing brand visibility, and providing 24/7 client access for booking services and buying products, MySite provides a legitimate landing page for businesses to link to their marketing and promotional communications, including traffic from social media, resulting in opportunities for lead generation.

This enhancement to Vagaro’s salon, spa, and fitness software further solidifies its position as the leading comprehensive platform to manage and grow a business.

Graphic designers on Vagaro’s Design Services Team are currently offering their services free of charge until December 31, 2023, for those who sign up for Vagaro and want assistance in building their new custom website.

About Vagaro: Vagaro is the leading salon, spa, and fitness software, serving hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide. Vagaro simplifies business management, credit card and payment processing, and makes it easy for businesses to grow their clientele on a modern consumer marketplace. Vagaro’s a-la-carte options and affordable pricing provide a unique level of scalability, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from the solopreneur to enterprise franchises. Simple, innovative, and reliable, Vagaro empowers beauty and wellness professionals to excel in a digital age. Visit Vagaro to learn more.


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