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Do You Have Password Anxiety

A new study shows the average American gets locked out of 10 online accounts per month, and that statistic probably trends higher for small business owners. Password anxiety actually prevents many from visiting certain websites or feeling panic when they can't access a stored password.

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New iluk PRO App Designed 100% for Self-Employed Beauty Pros

The all-in-one app manages all the administrative tasks so independents can focus on their business or take time off.

Healing from COVID-19: How to Encourage Repeat Customers and Revitalize Your Business

As vaccines roll out across the country, now is the best time to implement digital solutions that encourage repeat client visits and revitalize your business, empowering you to come back strong in 2021.

As Clients Tip Less, Here's How Salon Owners Can Compensate

A recent study by DaySmart explores how the tipping patterns have varied since salons have reopened. The company's CEO Pat Shanahan offers suggestions to owners for making up the difference to their employees.

7 Tech Tools that Make Running Your Business Easier

Life is busy for salon owners, but it doesn’t need to be unmanageable. Check out these 7 great tools that can simplify your business life in various ways.

How Technology is Driving an Aesthetics Revolution

A majority of clients say they would prefer to use technology to 'try on' aesthetic procedures before they go under the knife or needle, and that willingness to embrace technology is being driven by the pandemic. Find out how.

Back to Business: Growing and Thriving Post-Pandemic

Ready to have a thriving business in 2021? Vagaro has the tools to help you grow your business to achieve all your goals. Find out how in this interview featuring Fred Helou, CEO of Vagaro and India Bertin, a business owner who used Vagaro to rebuild after stay-at-home orders.

How to Take Your Consultations to the Next Level? Ask Hair AI™

Proprietary technology and advanced artificial intelligence display magnified images and evaluate the conditions of the scalp and hair strand.

Get Guests’ Information at Your Fingertips with Vagaro’s Forms Feature

To help Salons get COVID-Ready, Vagaro has updated its Forms feature, making it easier than ever for stylists to digitally send legal waivers, intake forms and surveys to customers prior to their appointment or after they have left the salon.

Technology is Essential in New 2020 Operations

Managing your salon operations during a pandemic is proving that technology is key to navigating the new normal.