Two of the salon's Bettys with a bag of recycled foils.

Two of the salon's Bettys with a bag of recycled foils. 

In the heart of Austin, Urban Betty  owned by Chelle Neff is more than just a beauty salon; it's a beacon of sustainability in the beauty industry. In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, the salon's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is nothing short of inspiring.

The Beauty Industry's Environmental Challenge

The beauty industry may be known for its creativity and innovation, but it's also recognized for its significant environmental impact. Startlingly, the beauty sector disposes of an astonishing 877 pounds of waste to landfills every minute. This waste includes everything from hair clippings to empty product containers, a fact that prompted Urban Betty to take action.

Urban Betty: A Green Circle Salon

Urban Betty's dedication to sustainability extends far beyond its salon chairs. By becoming a member of the Green Circle Salons program in 2019, Urban Betty has emerged as a champion for eco-conscious practices in the beauty industry. Green Circle Salons is a national program, and while its roots are in Canada, it's making waves globally by partnering with salons to reduce waste dramatically.

Urban Betty's commitment to sustainability has enabled them to recycle an impressive 95% of their waste. This includes recycling unused hair color, foils, tubes for coloring, plastics, gloves, hair clippings, masks, and even personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to embracing the Green Circle initiative, these materials would have ended up in landfills.

Urban Betty's dedication to being a part of the Green Circle Salons program sets them apart in the beauty industry, as not many salons have adopted such eco-friendly practices.

Recycling in a salon setting involves more than just sending materials off; it requires conscious effort. Urban Betty's team ensures that everyone is on the same page, educating new team members and reminding all staff about the importance of proper waste disposal. 

Chelle Neff, owner of Urban Betty Salon in Austin, Texas.

Chelle Neff, owner of Urban Betty Salon in Austin, Texas. 

Championing Sustainable Change

The journey toward sustainability was sparked by one of Urban Betty's team members. She discovered Green Circle Salons on Instagram, witnessing other salons taking eco-friendly strides and receiving inquiries from sustainability-conscious clients. 

In a hair salon, color is one of the most wasted products. Urban Betty's commitment to recycling these materials sets them apart and makes a significant impact on reducing their environmental footprint.

A Local Movement with Global Implications

Urban Betty's dedication to sustainability isn't just about being eco-friendly; it's about setting a standard for the beauty industry and inspiring change in a world where every action counts. With numerous salons in close proximity, Urban Betty's eco-conscious practices have the potential to create a ripple effect of sustainability.

As Urban Betty continues to lead the charge in sustainable beauty, they encourage others in the beauty industry to consider adopting eco-friendly practices. By repurposing what was once considered waste, they are making the world a more beautiful place—for both their clients and the planet.

Urban Betty is not just a salon; it's a testament to what can be achieved when a business puts sustainability at its core. For more information, visit Urban Betty and Green Circle Salons on Instagram.

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