Navigating the Future: 5 Salon Trends to Watch in 2024
Navigating the Future: 5 Salon Trends to Watch in 2024

In a world that's ever-changing and evolving, staying ahead of trends is crucial, especially for the beauty industry.

As we look toward 2024, several exciting salon trends are emerging, promising a more streamlined, interactive and innovative approach to the salon experience. Below are five salon trends that are set to redefine the beauty industry in 2024:

1. Utilizing AI

In 2024, anticipate salons harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance both customer experience and operational efficiency. AI will refine marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate more with consumer preferences. It will personalize the client journey, offering bespoke product suggestions based on past preferences and purchases.

Virtual try-ons powered by AI will allow clients to explore different looks, guaranteeing satisfaction and bolstering the salon’s standing.

On the operational side, AI-driven chatbots will manage customer inquiries and appointments, ensuring smooth communication, while AI’s analysis aids in efficient inventory and staff management. Embracing AI will boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and operational efficiency, propelling salons to new heights of success.

2. E-Commerce Store

E-commerce integration in salon websites is set to spike in 2024. With this feature, salons can ensure they don’t miss out on product sales, offering their customers the convenience of online shopping for their favorite beauty and haircare products. This seamless shopping experience enhances customer satisfaction and boosts the salon’s revenue.

3. Team-Based Pay Profit Sharing

The allure of independence and booth renting is tempting for many stylists, but 2024 will witness a shift towards more team-oriented salons. Innovative pay structures, such as employee-owned shares or team-based bonuses tied to salon success, will gain traction. These models not only enhance the morale of stylists but also boost the overall client experience, creating a supportive and collaborative salon environment.

4. Improved Customer Experience

In 2024, the spotlight on customer experience in salons will intensify. Customers will increasingly seek personalized, engaging experiences at every interaction. This demand will push salons to utilize technology to better understand and cater to their clients’ preferences and needs.

Salons will employ AI-powered tools for in-depth customer data analysis, enabling them to offer ultra-personalized services and product recommendations. This shift will not only make customers feel more valued and understood but also solidify the relationship between the stylist and the client, ensuring heightened satisfaction and loyalty. By prioritizing an enhanced customer experience, salons will attract and retain more clients, reinforcing their brand reputation and setting new industry standards for service excellence.

5. Digital Shift

The process of booking salon appointments, follow-ups, and pre-consultations will be more digitized in 2024. This digital shift will lead to more effective appointment preparedness for stylists and a smoother, more convenient experience for clients. Embracing digital tools for managing various salon processes will enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The beauty industry is set for significant transformation in 2024, with these trends leading the way. By embracing these changes, salons can ensure they not only meet the evolving expectations of their customers but also streamline their operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability. The future of the salon industry looks bright and innovative, promising a more enriched and satisfying experience for both salon owners and clients alike.

About Dawna Jarvis: Dawna Jarvis is well-versed in the digital world, with a rich background as a successful salon owner. Her experience has given her valuable insight into the importance of a strong online presence in attracting and retaining high-value clients. Now, she shares her expertise by helping others navigate the digital landscape, guiding them in creating tailored strategies that ensure their brands not only survive but thrive. Find out more at 

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