The research carried out by fashion experts at Boohoo examined Pinterest trends to anticipate what fashion trends will dominate this Fall season.  

Green Cargo Pants: 163% Search Increase

The study revealed that Green Cargo Pants are the biggest fashion trend for this Fall after seeing a 163% increase in Pinterest searches over the past 30 days, and have been seen on the likes of Addison Rae, Hillary Duff and Oprah.   

Cargo pants have become increasingly popular as they are reminiscent of Y2K fashion, providing an element of nostalgia for people who wear them. Green cargo pants match perfectly with earthy tones and can be paired with a grey or brown sweatshirt. Match your green cargo pants with a plain white t-shirt for a simpler look.


Leather Bomber Jacket: 129% Search Increase

Bombers return in the form of leather bomber jackets, which have seen a 129% increase in Pinterest searches. Leather bomber jackets are timeless and look better with age, pairing with just about any outfit.

The leather bomber jacket has also seen a spike in popularity since last year’s Top Gun: Maverick, where Tom Cruise donned his iconic Maverick ensemble. Pair a leather jacket with straight-cut jeans and a white T-shirt for a classic style that’s easy to dress up or dress down according to the occasion you’re attending. 

Other celebrities wearing leather bomber jackets include Rihanna, who was spotted wearing a Prada leather bomber jacket paired with leather trousers and boots. Nicki Minaj has also been seen wearing a monogrammed leather bomber jacket with short brown leggings.

Satin Maxi Skirt: 127% Search Increase

The third most popular fashion trend, according to a spike in Pinterest searches, are satin maxi skirts. These saw a 127% spike in searches over the past 30 days. Regular maxi skirts are an essential and timeless wardrobe staple and can be styled up or down, whereas a satin maxi skirt can elevate your look and appear more elegant. Bronze, khaki, or brown satin maxi skirts are perfect for Fall. 

Katie Holmes recently paired a satin maxi skirt with a classic white t-shirt and matching clutch for a simple yet chic outfit.


Fur Boots: 83% Search Increase

Fur boots rank as the fourth most popular fashion trend for this Fall season, seeing an 83% increase in Pinterest searches over the past 30 days.  

Fur boots are a staple in colder climates and can match almost any outfit, keeping your feet warm and cozy in a stylish way. There are numerous styles of fur boots on the market, from ankle boots to calf-high and platform-style fur boots.  

Fur boots have been seen on the likes of Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Love More, which was released in cinema earlier this year. Selena Gomez has also been seen wearing fur boots whilst on set for Only Murders in the Building in New York.  


Chelsea Boots: 67% Search Increase

Chelsea boots rank as the fifth most popular fashion trend for this Fall, seeing a 67% increase in Pinterest searches over the past 30 days.

Chelsea boots are incredibly versatile and can be styled formally or informally. They pair exceptionally well with dresses, but for Fall, try pairing Chelsea boots with dark jeans and a blouse or a t-shirt and denim jacket.

Taylor Swift has been seen wearing Chelsea boots alongside a green duffle coat, black leggings, and a beanie, a perfect look for Fall.


Flannel Shirt: 37% Search Increase

The sixth most popular fashion trend for Fall are flannel shirts, which saw a 37% increase in the past 30 days. Traditionally, flannel shirts were worn as they are durable and keep you warm in colder weather, but the style has now become reminiscent of the Fall season.

Flannels match perfectly with green cargo pants and Uggs, which create the perfect Fall look. Flannels pair perfectly with blue jeans and high-top trainers. Hailey Bieber has been seen wearing a flannel shirt multiple times as an overshirt; this look pairs well with high-waist jeans. 

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