After an eruption of European summer trips – dubbed ‘Euro summer’ online - and outfit hauls on social media, it’s time to have a look at what’s trending and what celebrities and influencers are packing for their vacations.  

One of the main aesthetics that is trending due to the surge in European vacations is the 'tomato girl summer,' as the hashtag has been used 4.1 million times on TikTok. Despite its name, the tomato girl look is based on the Mediterranean fashion style, where tomato-based dishes are popular. Think of destinations such as the Amalfi Coast or Barcelona streets and a wardrobe of light and breezy clothing, including linen, crochet and ruffles.

Google searches for ‘Euro summer’ has seen a 153% rise in the past year and the hashtag #eurosummer has exploded on TikTok with 497.7 million views. The rise in searches for a European summer trip has come alongside Alix Earles's three-week trip to Europe, which included visiting Ibiza, Italy and Greece. Alix documented her outfits throughout with videos such as 'Outfits I wore in Greece', which itself has gained 555,4000 likes to date.  

Fashion experts at Boohoo have researched what's trending and the essentials to pack for your own Euro summer.

How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer
How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer

Ruffles are Breaking the Internet

Pinterest searches for ruffles have been exploding on social media as 'Ruffle dress' has seen a 170% increase in the past year, and 'Ruffle skirt' has seen a 194% increase in Pinterest searches. The hashtag #ruffledress has gained 30.8 million views on TikTok. Celebrities have been styling the viral ruffle trend, including Elsa Hosk, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and Doja Cat.   

To style this statement dress, grab some flat sandals or dress it up with some simple heels and a matching bag. To be extra bold, add a floral corsage choker necklace to take the outfit to the next level. It is the perfect feminine and bold evening dress for a night in Greece, Spain or Italy.

How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer
How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer

Crochet is the Vacation Essential

Crochet is the material of the season. Pinterest searches for all things crochet-inspired are skyrocketing this summer, with searches for 'crochet tops' increasing by 1,011%, 'crochet skirts' increasing by 102%, 'crochet dress' by 82% and 'crochet bags' rising by 35% in the past 12 months. The summer staple has become a statement not just with influencers, such as Alix Earles's poolside crochet skirt in Santorini, but with celebrities too. Supermodel Heidi Klum was spotted on Instagram on the 30th of June wearing a multicolour crochet bikini whilst holidaying in Italy, racking up over 1.5 million views on the video.   

Crochet captures the vacation aesthetic perfectly, but it's also very versatile. You can wear it casually at the beach as a swimsuit coverup with sandals or on a night you can dress up crochet clothing with a pair of wedge heels and accessories. Crochet is also great for layering on a night if there is a cool breeze, a great essential to pack for a European holiday. 

How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer
How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer

Don't Forget a Statement Vacation Hat

Stylish hats are in this season for Euro summer. Google Trends data shows searches for 'statement hat' have increased by 211% in the past five years. Alix Earle's European trip wasn't short of hats, from Mykonos, Greece, featuring a straw hat to one of her friends styling a fedora in Ibiza. Straw hats have taken TikTok by storm as #strawhatseason has reached 1.4 million views, showing it’s currently one of the most favoured hats of the year.  

Founder of Henne and influencer Nadia Bartel shared with her 345,000 followers on Instagram her latest vacation to Ibiza with an outfit of a brown bikini, sarong and straw hat. A statement hat is a great way to add a to a simple bikini beach outfit, casual lunch, or even a morning stroll. Places like Santorini sell many different types of straw hats in souvenir shops and markets; it's a trend to invest in as it's also fantastic sun protection.    

Linen Pants are a Suitcase Staple

Linen trousers are a fashion trend European women swear by, and it's a fashionable choice for all ages. It's a popular summer choice because the fabric is so breathable and lightweight; the material allows heat to escape because it is loosely woven, which means you can keep your cool in the heat. In the past five years, Google Trends data shows searches for 'Linen pants' have seen a 278% increase. The increase in searches over the year shows it's become a summer wardrobe staple everyone needs.   

Influencer Matilda Djerf showed on her Instagram that linen pants don't always have to be white earlier this year by styling baby pink linen trousers with a white overshirt. For a classier look, think of Sienna Miller's tailored blue and white striped suit she wore to Wimbledon, with a matching blue wicker bag and black cat eye sunglasses.  

How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer
How to Dress for #TomatoGirlSummer

Sandals are the Summer Shoe

Sandals are one of the most popular shoes this season, as Pinterest searches for 'Sandals’ have seen a 92% increase in the past year, and the TikTok hashtag #summersandals2023 has 3.5 million views. Nicole Scherzinger has been spotted recently wearing black chunky sandals in her recent vacations to Portugal and Santorini, making them her summer staple shoe.  

European cities such as Athens and Positano require a comfortable shoe for not just the number of steps you will be walking but for the cobbled streets too. A comfortable and neutral pair of sandals will go with most outfits, look cute and won't get your feet sweaty like a sneaker.   

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