How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe
How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe

With iconic brand Mattel finally bringing Barbie to the big screen this summer, it is no surprise that the rebirth of all things pink has flown straight into the fashion world. While plenty will argue pink is a staple color in every wardrobe, some might need guidance on how to style themselves and jazz up their wardrobe just as well as Barbie. 

This is why experts at Boohoo have created a list for how to inject some of Barbie's most iconic items into your wardrobe and how to make your style more ‘Barbiecore’.  

Since the announcement of the movie, interest in Barbie's style has skyrocketed across all social media platforms. On TikTok, the hashtag #barbieoutfits has surpassed over 56.5 million views, with users sharing their Barbie-inspired outfits. 

In fact, Pinterest searches for 'Barbie outfits' have increased by 614% worldwide over the past year, proving just how popular Barbie inspired fashion has become, while searches for 'pink outfit' have increased over 194% worldwide. 

How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe
How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe

The States that are Searching for Barbie Style Most

Boohoo also analyzed the number of Google searches for Barbie fashion related terms in each state to see which areas are loving the ‘Barbiecore’ trend.  

The state that searches for Barbie fashion the most is Illinois, which searches for Barbie-related terms an average of 645.5 searches per 100k people. Illinois is followed by Georgia, which searches an average of 622.4 times a month per 100k people for Barbie-related outfits. Third is Louisiana with 598.2 searches per 100k each month.  

How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe
How to Barbie-fy Your Wardrobe

Barbie's Top Wardrobe Essentials

Pink Cowboy Hat

Cowboy and cowgirl hats have been a huge hit in recent months with even Barbie herself being seen wearing the accessory, pairing it with a pink Western themed two-piece outfit. Pinterest searches for ‘cowboy hat’ have risen 122% in the past year. Furthermore, searches for specifically ‘pink cowboy hat’ have soared 233% in the three months. Cowboy hats are a fun accessory, particularly during the summer months to pair with denim outfits or a flared ensemble, to recreate that Western style. 

The Perfect Handbag

Accessories are essential to perfecting your Barbie look, and the perfect handbag is ideal for achieving that look - but what color bag is best? 

Having a handbag in every color isn't the easiest way of making sure you have one to pair with every outfit, especially as wardrobe space can be limiting (unless you are Barbie), which is why you should opt for one white, one black and even one pink bag if you want to make sure you have good options to cover any color outfit. 

If you have the basic shades or tend to only venture into creams, beiges, and nudes, why not inject some color by purchasing a statement bag? Whether this be a pattern, a bright color or a bag with sparkle or hardware, this will elevate even the most basic outfits.  

Statement Shoes

The Barbie trailer opened with a shot of Barbie’s perfectly pink stilettos with a feathery trim, highlighting that shoes can make or break a Barbie outfit. However, whilst heels are Barbie’s first choice of shoe, there are ways to style your flats in Barbie fashion: 

  • Heels - Barbie is known for showing up and stepping out, so you should include at least one or two pairs of killer heels to add elegance to your looks.  
  • Trainers - If you do not want to invest in heels, choose cute, comfy trainers to pair with your casual outfits. Adding trainers with a platform is a great alternative to add height and elongate your legs without wearing heels. 
  • Sandals - Strappy sandals scream all things fun, so pair your playful summer dresses, long flowy skirts and denim shorts with a pair of tie-up or slip-on sandals.  
  • Western boots – Cowboy boots and Western-style boots are everywhere this summer, so finding the perfect pair when there are so many options is challenging. If you want to style these boots for an event such as a festival or party, try solid colors or play with metallics to stand out, just like Barbie.  

If you want inspiration on which style of shoes to opt for, try using social media platforms to help gather inspiration. Interest in how to find the perfect Barbie shoes has taken over TikTok, with #barbieshoes totaling over 66.7 million views.  

Play with Textures and Fabrics

Barbie is not one to be afraid of standing out and experimenting with different types of styles. Astronaut Barbie (1965) rocked a white jumpsuit and brown zip-up boots, Quick Curl Barbie (1973) showed up in a peach tailored suit co-ord and silver clutch, and even Extreme 360 Barbie (2000) experimented with a cute navy sweatsuit proving athleisure is fashionable.  

If you want to channel Barbie in the best possible way, you should not be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and experiment, which is why playing around with different textures and fabrics is a great place to start:  

  • Feathers – Feathers are a great way to jazz up any outfit. You could style a feathery top with your favorite jeans or trousers if you are heading on a night out with the girls. Why not pair a feathery mini skirt with a minimal top if you are going to a fun concert? 
  • Ruffles – Ruffles are very in this season which is great if you love to go for cute and girly outfits. Layered rah-rah skirts are perfect, or those with a bit of volume look great paired with a denim jacket or cowboy boots for a festival look. 
  • Denim – No wardrobe is complete without a splash of denim. Whether in the form of a dress, dungarees, jeans or a skirt, denim is a fabric staple. If you want to branch out and cover all basis of the material, try dark denim in indigo or navy, which will add an editorial feel to an outfit. Do not be afraid to play with contrast denim and shades of denim that complement each other; double denim is fashionable when done correctly. 

Last but not Least, Think Pink

Unsurprisingly, if you want to channel Barbie to your wardrobe, you need to inject her favorite color, and while every shade of pink is beautiful, sometimes it can be hard to find a shade that is right for you, and that compliments your skin's undertone.  

If you have a warmer or more golden undertone, opt for pinks with a yellow undertone. These are pinks such as coppers, rose golds, peachy-toned pinks and corals; they will highlight your complexion and accentuate your features perfectly.  

If you have a cool or blueish undertone, you should match this with your pinks. These are magentas, plummy pinks and fuchsias.  




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