Tippy, the digital tipping platform for salons and spas, is making life even easier for salon owners and stylists.

In a new partnership with workforce payments platform Branch, Tippy can now distribute tips instantly to service professionals through the Branch digital wallet.

“Branch offers fee-free financial services,” says Adam Kennedy, Head of Sales and Partnerships for Tippy. “Service professionals can receive tips instantly in their Branch digital wallet. The digital wallet allows them to safely secure credit cards, airline tickets, and more—and we’ve found 61 percent of people in cosmetology schools or universities are using digital wallets once per week.”

Kennedy continues, “Enrolling in Branch is easy and free. There are free ATM withdrawals, no credit checks, and no overdraft fees.”

By integrating Branch, Tippy reduces the wait time for receiving tips by more than 96 percent. Stylists can receive their funds in less than an hour when pooling and splitting gratuities, or in seconds with direct tipping. 

“Because tipping has become such an integral part of compensation for many workers, it’s critical that they have a quick, seamless way to receive that income,” says Branch Founder and CEO Atif Siddiqi. “We’re excited to team up with Tippy to integrate the Branch Wallet and create a great experience for workers to access and manage their money.”

Easy Integration

Branch isn’t the only platform Tippy is integrating with these days. They also recently integrated with Envision Spa and Salon Software, STX Software, Rosy Salon Software, and Salon Ultimate Powered by BookedBy, and Millennium's MeevoXchange—with even more platforms on the horizon.  

“Now that everything is integrated, the speed of transaction for our guests is amazing,” says Tina Lanoue, owner of Hair Loft Salon & Spa in Salina, Kansas. “They can tip without confusion with one swipe of the card. It has provided increased income for our service professionals, too.”

Lanoue began using Tippy during her salon’s shut down in 2020, and now has it integrated with her Envision software.

“The touchless aspect was great for Covid, and it minimized cash in the drawer, which means less mistakes,” she says. “It makes check out so easy and our close outs at the end of the day are also faster and easier.”

Set up with Envision was a breeze. “I just plugged in the cable and enabled Tippy,” she says. “Now when we are finishing a transaction, we offer the client a tip option of 20, 25, 30 percent, or to customize their own. They can discreetly tip anyway they want.”

Stylist Benefits

While clients love Tippy, stylists love it even more. On their Tippy app, stylists can see how much a client has tipped them instantly and can easily split the tip with an assistant.

“Stylists see the cumulation of income coming in,” Lanoue says. “They are able to use it for budgeting and see their annual income go up.”

David Tashjian, CEO/President of Tippy, says, “When stylists get $100 in cash, it’s easy to go out and spend it immediately, many times not realizing how much they earned.
But with Tippy, they can track their tips all day long and look at their history. When they see what they’ve made, they tend to save more.”

To learn more about integrating Tippy into your software, visit meettippy.com.

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