The Great Collaboration
The Great Collaboration

Some of the leading tech and beauty visionaries are collaborating on a project specifically aimed at helping owners future-proof their salon businesses. Six rapidly expanding companies, which offer very real yet different ways to be more financially and environmentally sustainable, are pooling their resources to offer leadership that will help the industry ensure it's well-placed for the demands of future clients and recruits.

“The beauty industry needs to prepare for the rapid change that is coming. Disruptor brands and services are already here that could seriously impact salon businesses. It is unrealistic and unfair to leave the burden of change solely on the service providers,” said Joshua Howard, CEO of Vish Color Management. “At Vish, we believe suppliers and manufacturers need to shine a light on how to strengthen salon businesses and so are delighted to team up with other like-minded innovators to possible routes to greater security”.

The six brands – Vish,, Sustain Beauty Co, Canvas ME, Qnity, and Green Circle Salons hope that working together will amplify their message that owners are not alone. By gifting a transformative package that has the potential to completely change the trajectory of one lucky business, the six brands aim to highlight the possibilities to the rest of the industry. The project will have a value of nearly $26k to the chosen salon.

“Being sustainable isn’t just about cutting back on energy or chemicals; it’s also about ensuring your business has a long and prosperous future. This collaboration will allow one lucky salon to improve chair occupancy, gain a competitive edge in recruiting talent, capture missed revenue opportunities, reduce waste, level up their business and financial acumen, cut back on chemical use and so much more!” says Valorie Tate, co-founder of Sustain Beauty Co.

“All of these are first steps to future-proofing the industry and together they make a huge impact.” adds Erin Kuhn, President of Qnity. “What salons stand to gain from this package is almost unimaginable.”

The Great Collaboration
The Great Collaboration

Each brand will offer key services to one particular salon chosen by the group. The package or services include extensive support and goods that will revolutionize the salon. Vish, which reduces color waste and so boosts profits practically overnight, will provide all hardware, education, and onboarding required along with a six-month subscription, while uses targeted AI-driven texts and emails to fill last-minute openings and cancellations for a full year. Sustain Beauty Co will provide a kit including Ping Color Mixers, a Pro Care machine with a case of foils and Scrummi’s biodegradable items. Green Circle Salons will deliver a lifetime membership, six-month subscription, PPE and salon waste recovery toolkit, and all training. Canvas ME – the Linkedin of the beauty world and the industry’s 1st all-in-one portfolio and recruitment platform – is including one year’s subscription with up to three job postings a month, a business page, and account support, while Qnity, the trusted guide for education and coaching for salons and spas is providing six months of free coaching utilizing Qnity’s full suite of visual tools to create lasting results in sales growth, profitability, engagement, execution and more.

“We believe in community and by coming together we will provide our collective solutions and expertise to help the industry,” add Matt and Jen Martinelli, co-founders of CanvasMe. “While only one salon will receive the collaborative package, we hope this inspires many salons and the industry at large about the many resources they can take advantage of to move towards a stronger future for everyone.”

The six companies are launching their project on the 15th of  December at and it will run until January 15, however, the group plan to continue working together to keep the conversations going long into the future.

About The Great Collaboration: The Great Collaboration is the first project of its kind, specifically aimed at helping owners future-proof their salon businesses. Six companies focused on business growth, financial and environmental sustainability; REACH, Vish, CanvasMe, Qnity, Sustain Beauty Co., and Green Circle Salons have teamed up to completely transform one salon’s business. While The Great Collaboration will ultimately help one salon, it aims to inspire the entire beauty industry.

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