Eco champion Sustain Beauty Co has this month announced an exclusive partnership with Scrummi ‐‐ one of the world’s leading innovators in the hair and beauty space ‐‐ that will allow salons to dump their laundry, and instead use Scrummi’s eco‐friendly and hygienic disposable towel range. Available only through SBCo, the range is third party certified as compostable and biodegradable within 100 days.

Established in Britain in 2010, Scrummi supplies its next‐generation, super soft and absorbent fabric products to top beauty businesses across Europe and the Middle East, including L’Oreal, Olaplex, Paul Mitchell, Toni & Guy and Wella, and now, in partnership with SBCo, will share its globally certified sustainable products with salons and spas in the US.

"Scrummi’s aim from the start was to revolutionize the way salons operate by making unsustainable and outdated cotton laundry systems a thing of the past," explains Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co, which has built a community within beauty that together is embracing greener systems and products. "With client demand for visible hygienic practices following the pandemic still high, and daily reports and images urging us to do something to limit global temperatures, it has become even more imperative that beauty business owners have the option to switch to more sustainable, affordable versions of essential beauty supplies, such as biodegradable towels."


The single‐use Scrummi products that include aprons, gowns, color‐removing wipes and every size of towel, sheet or cover a salon or spa might need, allow salons and spas to jettison unhygienic, scratchy textiles that need to be washed at 90 degrees with chemicals after one use. Independently certified and ethically made, Scummi towels allow salons to massively reduce energy use, laundry costs and their carbon footprint.

Already, many of SBCo’s partner salons are loving Scrummi.

"We have found them more absorbent and more comfortable for our guests, as the Scrummi Method allows us to simply wrap the towel firmly around the guest’s hair while at the backwash, confident it won’t feel heavy or slip off her head as we transfer her back to the cutting station," says Ron King, owner of the eco‐conscious Ron King Salon in Austin, TX. "Plus it means an end to the tedious and highly unpopular chore of laundering traditional towels. The team is relieved, and so am I."

For sustainability leader, B‐Hive salon owner and founder of The Salon Movement James Alba, Scrummi’s eco credentials impressed him as much as its efficiency at the backwash. "The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi, including its manufacture, is 90% less that the energy used to launder a single cotton towel," he said. ‘And it is fully compostable within 100 days. Even being single‐use, it still makes complete sense that it is more sustainable than a 100% cotton towel, or worse, a cotton blend, which has plastic and therefore won’t degrade in our lifetime." 


In 2019, Scrummi products reduced the hair and beauty industry’s impact on the environment by more than 20 million gallons of chemically contaminated water and nearly 8 million pounds of C02 emissions. That is set to rise exponentially as savvy salons in the US and Canada convert to sustainable fabric.

About Sustain Beauty Co: The SBCo Criteria Sustain Beauty Co was born with the mission to help identify authentic, credible and environmentally responsible brands that put stylists at the forefront of their purpose. All Sustain Beauty Co products must: 1. Reduce the footprint of consumables in our industry. 2. Empower artists to create beauty responsibly. 3. Protect the stylist and the environment equally. 4. Come from ethical sources and responsible manufacturing facilities. Going ‘green’ shouldn’t sacrifice quality, and the professional beauty industry should have more options to be sustainably beautiful. Social: @sustainbeautyco Web: sustainbeauty.co For more details please contact Su Clark at Linkup Marketing on su@linkupmarketing.com

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