Dr. Leon Alexander, CEO and president, Eurisko Design.

Dr. Leon Alexander, CEO and president, Eurisko Design. 

As part of our Designing Minds series, we're gathering design questions from salon owners and posing them to leading furniture and equipment manufacturers. Here, Eurisko's Leon Alexander tackles the following questions:

Q. How can I make my retail area more upscale and enticing, encouraging my clients to shop?

With focus tables, beautiful imagery and shelf lighting, Studio Branca in St. Louis creates a...

With focus tables, beautiful imagery and shelf lighting, Studio Branca in St. Louis creates a retail area reminiscent of a luxury department store.

Leon Alexander: We have come a long way in our industry over the past twenty years, with regard to displaying and marketing retail as a vital part of our business model. We now need to make a giant leap to ensure it is an important part of our customers’ agenda when they visit to the salon.

In order to do that, we need to emulate the best practices of successful retailers outside our industry. Here are a few key components that will elevate any salon’s retail area.

  • Keep retail furniture neutral. White or black colors are preferable as the multi-colored products will be enhanced.
  • LED undershelf lighting will make the products pop out.
  • An illuminated domain header with either the brand name or product category domain will help direct the consumer to the desired area.
  • Ensure merchandise is designed for linked selling opportunities. For example, the shampoo shelf should be next to the conditioner shelf, which is next to styling products.
  • Keep walls neutral colors. Ivory, white, or eggshell will keep the focus on the products.
  • Create and accent with a primary color wall behind the check-in table to contrast the rest of the retail area.
  • Digital content with touch screen devices will entertain and educate the consumer.
  • A launch promotion table or area will enable new products and products of the month to be promoted.
  • Connected retail units will encourage continued shopping
  • Digital or LED window displays will entice the consumer into the salon.

A combination of the above will give the customer a high-end serious retail experience. It will also maximize the potential of the retail area.

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