It’s clear from a glance at your Instagram feed that staycations are well underway across the United States, and though we may not be holidaying abroad this year, salons around the country can expect the same level of preparation going into a dip in a country lake as they would a pool in Cancun, according to data from Phorest Salon Software.

Phorest--one of the most innovative software systems used by U.S. salons to manage their businesses--looked into the summer-prep behavior of salon-goers across the U.S. They found that people from Connecticut spend the most prepping for their holidays, spending an average of $166 at their hair or beauty salons in the summer months, which is 78% above the national average of $93.

New York followed behind, spending $147 (59% above the national average); followed closely by Alaska, spending $143.21. Below is the breakdown of the 20 states spending above the national average on holiday prep.


Ronan Perceval, CEO, Phorest Salon Software, commented: “Despite the fact we can’t jet away this year, it’s fantastic to see us making the most of the beautiful holiday destinations across the US, and of course turning to our local salons to look our best for the Insta snaps.”

About Phorest: Phorest Salon Software is used by 100,000+ salon and spa professionals worldwide, bringing teams together and driving business success. Known globally for having superb salon marketing tools, Phorest leads with innovation and touches every point of the salon, spa and aesthetic clinic experience, from custom native salon apps and online bookings through to payments, stock control and ecommerce. Founded as a technology company in Dublin, Ireland, today it represents so much more. In 2021, Phorest empowers salons, spas and aesthetic businesses to manage, market and grow their business not just through innovation in technology, but also through personal growth mentoring and support. Phorest believes in the human touch that is at the heart of the salon community. That is why it is the only software provider to have a Success Manager connected to every business and a dedication to being the partner that helps salon owners achieve their dreams.

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