A new technology helps salons expand their geographic reach and retain top talent by offering...

A new technology helps salons expand their geographic reach and retain top talent by offering clients in-home beauty services. 

Shortcut recently unveiled a delivery solution for salons and spas, as it partners directly with the nation’s leading salons, to offer in-home hair and beauty services. Providing a DoorDash-style solution for salons looking to enhance salon culture, retain top talent, and expand revenue and reach, Shortcut’s easy-to-use technology makes the booking and delivery of in-home hair and beauty services cost-efficient and safe for salon owners.

The official launch follows Shortcut’s pilot program, which rolled out to select market leading salons, and successfully delivered thousands of in-home hair and beauty services amid the pandemic. Today, the company is unlocking widespread early access to salons throughout the US to meet the growing safety and convenience needs of their customer base: www.getshortcut.co/waitlist/

“The delivery of in-home services has always been taboo within the hair care industry,” said Co-Founder and COO of Shortcut Will Newton. “After experiencing 300% growth in the past year alone, we pinpointed a distinct opportunity to put our technology in the hands of salon owners, empowering them to boost revenue, increase their stylists’ earning potential and make their businesses much more dynamic.”

A Sophisticated Approach to In-Home

Shortcut’s cutting-edge technology is designed to foster loyalty among owners and their staff, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love--serving clients no matter where they are. The platform automates every facet of in-home hair and beauty services from end-to-end operations to integrated marketing solutions that drive ROI from day one.


In this exclusive interview with SALON TODAY, Salon Owners Scott Buchanan and Marc Levitan discuss how Shortcut is helping them expand and grow their businesses.

“There’s no doubt the pandemic had a huge impact on salons, leaving business owners no choice but to evolve,” said Scott Buchanan, owner of four Scott J. Aveda Salons in Manhattan and early adopter of Shortcut’s technology. “The last thing we needed was another hurdle or heavy lift for our staff and stylists. Because of its ease of use and tailored technology, Shortcut made the delivery of in-home hair care services--something that once seemed so unattainable--possible.”

A Boost in Business

Salons partnering with Shortcut have garnered 80% new customers while expanding geographic reach up to 30 miles. Within the first three months of integrating the in-home delivery platform, partners have reported 350% ROI in their subscriptions with Shortcut.

The company is currently offering US salons the opportunity to get started with Shortcut’s automated technology at a no-cost commitment for the first two months. As the first domino in a national salon partnership rollout, Aveda-affiliated multi-location salon group Essentials Salon and Spa in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a testament to the platform's success in boosting business. During the pandemic, Essentials delivered 700+ in-home appointments, 90% of which were new customers.

“I was immediately impressed by Shortcut's elevated marketing offerings that have made launching in-home services and reaching new customers a sinch," said Marc Levitan, owner of Essentials Salon and Day Spa. "As I grow my team and evolve my business, I know Shortcut will be a huge part of what we do for years to come."

Putting Money Back in Stylists’ Pockets

Beyond automation, Shortcut’s in-home delivery platform helps salon owners hedge against turnover, putting the focus back on stylists. Shortcut allows salons’ stylists to grow their earning potential, expand their relationships with clients and most importantly garner increased loyalty with their salon of employment.

“We needed a way to speed up pandemic recovery while also giving our stylists growth opportunity,” continued Levitan. “Integrating Shortcut’s technology really was a no-brainer. It provided us with a great solution to connect with regulars, meet new clients outside of the salon walls, and give our hard-working stylists the chance to make even more money than they were before the pandemic.”

Stylists can easily drop a pin to their location and tailor their individual service offerings. In-home services are also customizable through the platform--from men’s, women’s and children’s styling, cuts and coloring. Since rollout, 60% of in-home appointments have been group family orders, allowing stylists to maximize their take home and capitalize on extra time.

Industry Evolution

“From inception, Shortcut’s purpose was to connect busy consumers with the top hair stylists and barbers in their city--a true on-demand, service delivery experience,” continued Newton. “At the same time, we knew the hair business was built around relationships and loyalty, something salons offered to its customers. Five years later, we have married the two concepts to power salons of the future.”

As the first in-home delivery solution for salons and spas, Shortcut connects consumers with their favorite hair salons, spas and stylists throughout the US with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse. To request early access and learn more about Shortcut’s partnerships with salons and spas, visit: www.getshortcut.co/waitlist/

About Shortcut: As the first in-home delivery solution for salons and spas, Shortcut connects consumers with their favorite hair salons, spas and stylists throughout the US with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse. Founded in 2016, Shortcut empowers the nation’s top salons to grow their businesses by offering on-demand, in-home hair care service delivery. To download the app, learn more about the company’s partnerships with salons, browse barbers and stylists, and receive in-home hair services from a five-star professional, visit: www.getshortcut.co/waitlist/.

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