Vish Announces List of Waste Warriors for Earth Month 2021
Vish Announces List of Waste Warriors for Earth Month 2021

Two Ohio salons dominate the list of top Vish Waste Warriors, according to the team behind the color management app. This April, Vish is celebrating Earth Month by naming the best in the industry for boosting color profits and protecting the planet by ending color waste. 

Rêvé Salon & Spa in Sylvania, which has slashed color costs by $400 a week, is the top Salon Waste Warrior, with three of its team in the top five. But it is Karen Welch, owner of SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa in West Chester, Cincinnati, who clinched the top spot for personally cutting her color waste by half and bringing the average amount she spends on color per service to the lowest in North America. Her efficiency has impacted on the whole salon.

“Vish can literally save salons,” says Welch of SoZo, who has 37 years’ experience behind her. “We cut the amount of product mixed by half, therefore our dollar spend on color went down by half. In our case, it comes down to about $25,000 extra towards the bottom line.”

Karen Welch, owner of SoZo Hair by Bajon Salon, was the top Waste Warrior in the stylist...

Karen Welch, owner of SoZo Hair by Bajon Salon, was the top Waste Warrior in the stylist category, by bringing her average color cost per service down to $2.12.

Welch has personally brought her average color cost per service down to $2.12. Close behind is Renee Gavioli of Rêvé Salon & Spa in Toledo, who dispenses just $2.17 worth of color while still producing amazing results. A further two Rêvé stylists make it into the top five: Chris Schnabel and owner Carmen Wigmans. Most of them have cut the cost of the color wasted per client down to less than 50¢; Renee has an average of just 23¢ of color left over after each service.

Both salons introduced Vish to ensure greater efficiency in their color departments, with the app helping stylists refine their formulas so only the amounts needed for each client are dispensed. This has led to huge savings on color costs and the amount of chemicals habitually being washed down the basin by the beauty industry. 

To identify the top Waste Warriors, Vish looked at average dispensing costs per service over six months and cost of waste left rather than simply comparing month-by-month figures, which could be affected by lockdown and capacity limits in place in various parts of the continent. It also considered reweighing stats and length of time each stylist had used Vish to get a clear picture of those who had made the greatest savings.

Top Waste Warrior Stylists in North America

  • Karen Welch - SoZo Hair by Bajon Salon 
  • Renee Gavioli - Rêvé Salon and Spa
  • Chris Schnabel - Rêvé Salon and Spa
  • Shenna Knight - Pin-Up Curls
  • Carmen Wigmans - Rêvé Salon and Spa

Top Waste Warrior Salons in North America

  • Rêvé Salon and Spa
  • Jem Hair Studio
  • Craft and Theory
  • Pure Eco Wellness Salon
  • Luxe Salon and Design

About Vish: Vish Ltd. is one of the industry’s leading color management software, which includes a suite of systems that effortlessly revolutionizes how salons and stylists run their color business. Based in Toronto, Canada, and available for use worldwide, Vish was created to help salon owners and colorists solve the universal problems facing the hair color industry - color waste, ambiguous pricing, and profit margins. Data-driven and intelligently automated, Vish is integrated with multiple point-of-sale systems, giving complete ease to the entire team.

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