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5 Tips for Effective Service Pricing and Price Management

Pricing is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make as a haircutter. Here are five tips for effective pricing and price management.   

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Tabatha Coffey Shares Business Tips (Like Raising Prices!!!)

Tabatha Coffey was at Matrix Destination and sat down with MODERN to share her tips on business including raising prices and No-compete contracts.

How to Implement Gender-Neutral Pricing in the Salon

Two Chicago salons are gaining recognition for pricing based on hair length rather than gender. The system has proven to be not only socially impactful, but also business savvy.

Asandra Spa Lounge's Profitable Approach to Capacity Planning

By embracing a revenue management system from the travel and hospitality industry, New York's Asandra Spa Lounge has grown to two locations and more than $5 million in sales. Discover how co-owners Gene and Paul Frisco use capacity planning to keep the appointment books full.

5 Ways to Fairly Determine Pricing for Lowlighting and Highlighting Services

A constant struggle for salon professionals is how to effectively and fairly price services for clients so they feel they are getting a premium service at a reasonable price. Included here are parameters to help set a price on lowlighting, ...

Setting prices in a recession

With consumers skittish about the economy in 2008 and 2009, many salon and spa owners held back on price increases even as their own costs increased. With economic optimism slowly returning, many owners are looking for creative suggestions for ...