2019 NAHA Finalists: Editorial

The Editorial category shows best published cover or editorial work.

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The Bigger Trends

Each year as the SALON TODAY team studies thousands of pictures and essays that are submitted by the Salons of the Year competitors, we try to pin down the trends, and this year is no different. Typically, we report on things such as popular color schemes, innovations in lighting or materials and finishes that are on point.

The Salon Sisters

Recently, I was honored to be invited to help celebrate a milestone birthday for Gayle Fulbright, owner of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, California.

The Power of Persistence

Once upon a time more than 20 years ago, Michele Musgrove, MODERN SALON Media’s associate publisher and editorial director, had my role—as editor in chief of SALON TODAY. At the time, there was a general perception that salon and spa owners were close-lipped about their best business-building ideas and reluctant to share their financials.

The Constant Struggle

One of our family’s favorite fall activities is screening the pilot episodes from the new television lineup, making many cuts and committing to a select few to watch at least the next episode. One of our favorites this year was NBC’s This is Us, a dramedy that follows the storylines of four people who share the same birthday.

Turning 20!

Do you remember when you turned 20? It was such an accomplishment to finally enter your adult years, yet you still had a long, bright future to plan and enjoy.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

To see how far you’ve come, sometimes it’s necessary to look back and study your history. As we were putting the finishing touches on this year’s annual technology issue, I decided it would be a good personal exercise to dive into the SALON TODAY archives and look at our first technology issue.

Alter Your Perspective

MY HUSBAND JON IS something of a tech gadget nut. He’s a little famous at my daughter’s high school for being the dad who flew the drone with the camera over the crowd at the school’s 24-Hour Relay last year and gave everyone a sky-cam view

Shocked Silent

ONE THING I’VE LEARNED in covering this industry the past 17 years is you all love to share. I never have a problem calling an owner and soliciting a quote.

Drumroll, please...

We divided the 1,440 Best Practice entries among the editors of SALON TODAY and MODERN SALON (Alison Shipley, Laurel Nelson, Rosanne Ullman, Melissa Hill, Debbie Ogilvie, Jan Hillenmeyer and myself) and asked them to judge each application within its category and provide a ranking from the strongest salon on down.