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The Salon Sisters

by Stacey Soble | September 1, 2017

Recently, I was honored to be invited to help celebrate a milestone birthday for Gayle Fulbright, owner of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, California. While the weekend was packed with fun—with a day at the Del Mar Horse Races and a rock-star themed birthday bash—for me, it was an opportunity to witness the tight-knit bond four salon owners forged after meeting more than a decade ago at a SALON TODAY 200 function.

With a shared interest in growing their businesses and a mutual passion for taking the professional beauty industry to the next level, the self-named Salon Sisters frequently travel together to multiple industry events. With salons in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and California, geographically they span the country, but they manage to support each other professionally and personally through daily phone calls, text chains, and social media posts. Although their bond is strong, it’s not exclusive—each one can frequently be found taking a young salon owner under her wing and or including other owners, industry peeps or even an editor in their group dinners and excursions. In a relaxed moment, I asked each one what their sisterhood meant:

 “We are four salon owners who are passionate about our industry, love people and are not afraid to share wisdom and hard times with each other. It’s a support system that has developed over 10 years, not just through the challenges of growing our own salon teams, but also dealing with the many personal adversities that life brings. We are a text or phone call away from getting a question answered, collecting an opinion or taking a moment to vent to someone who also feels the joys and pains of running a salon. And, sometimes, it’s just a quick ‘Have a great day, sister, love you’ text to start the day.”


owner, Maggie The Salon in Pembroke Pines, Florida

 “Life is about relationships. Each of these beautiful ladies has touched my life by being my unconditional friend. Leadership is so much more than just owning a business, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is what it takes. With openness, we support each other by staying in constant contact about every aspect of our lives. I have cried and laughed with each of these women warriors and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt the four of us were brought together for a reason—to make a difference. It’s a friendship that is undeniably unbreakable.”


owner of Studio Wish Salon in Twinsburg, Ohio

 “With each year, we gain a higher level of trust, leaving no filters. Our transparency has brought us closer and led to an unbreakable bond. Maybe it’s a business idea we are considering or a family challenge. Sometimes, it’s an ‘I miss you so much,’ ‘I’m so happy for you,’ or maybe a late-night text asking for advice. Together, we are stronger. From coast to coast, we lift each other up!”


owner of Avalon Salon and Day Spa in Deer Park, Illinois

 “I feel blessed to have these Salon Sisters in my life. I have celebrated successes and acknowledgments with them and have called on their advice when walkouts happen, technology breaks down and just ‘lonely at the top’ happens. This is a special friendship of support, laughter and love.”


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