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Making the Move to Your Own Space

December 1, 2016 | 9:26 AM
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Daniel de la Cerda, Daniel Brian Salon
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Ali Hall, Lock Salon
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You’re at the top of your professional game. You have clients who love you, and you have a solid vision of where you want to go, career-wise. But you find yourself constantly wondering… Could there be something more? It might just be time to make a move –– time to go out and become an owner.

Making the switch to owning your very own studio can feel exciting. It can also feel overwhelming.

Where will your salon be? What will it look like? What services will you offer? How will you attract clients? How can you make this be the best decision that you’ve EVER made?

Take a few tips from these Sola stylists –– they were in your shoes not long ago!

Daniel de la Cerda
Daniel Brian Salon

Chicago salon owner and stylist, Daniel de la Cerda, believes hair is the ultimate accessory––and it should be as interchangeable as your lifestyle and reflective of your personality. To achieve that, he has to really know his client.

So, in addition to freedom and flexibility, Daniels says he transitioned to owning his own salon suite to create an environment that’s truly tailored to his clients.

“There are a lot of stylists who are afraid of taking the plunge, but if Sola is within their reach, it is absolutely the top option to take. Sola is a community that puts independence first, followed with a fabulous environment that eases that risk and fear.”

Since Daniel made the switch he hasn’t looked back, “What I have right now is so good, and I love the freedom and ability to tailor my own life around my work schedule.”

The risk was definitely worth his reward.

“The most rewarding part of salon ownership is the validation that I know I can do this on my own. I feel completely liberated, and this opportunity really has given me a better sense of self.”

Ali Hall
Lock Salon

For Ali, family comes first, and Sola allows her the flexibility to make her kids her top priority. Her schedule says it all.

“I work four days on, three days off! Those 12-hour shifts allow me the freedom to travel and care for my family.”

How did Ali make the switch? “The manager at the time held my hand from the get-go. I toured Sola a year before I signed, but when I came back, the manager remembered me –– and I was ready to sign!”

For Ali the switch was well worth it. “My clients have one-on-one time with me, I get to wear what I want… and I get to be me. It’s real.”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the switch to your own space with Sola! And while you’re planning, why not think of how you’ll make your salon suite your own?

Top Ways to Make Your Salon YOURS:

  1. Decide on a signature salon look by choosing a personalized color palette, stylish décor and really honing in on your studio’s vibe. At Sola Salon Studios, your salon is yours to decorate as you wish. They even throw in a fresh coat of paint!
  2. Create a comfortable atmosphere for your clients. Will you provide beverages? What’s your jam when it comes to music? Will you offer specials? Think about all of the ways you can make your studio their home away from home!
  3. One of the perks about being the salon owner is you get to decide what product lines you want to carry. So, start thinking about what you want to use and sell in your studio! And the best part is, at Sola, you keep 100% of the profits!
  4. Determine what hours and services your studio will have available to clients. With 24/7 access to your studio, you can come and go as you please.
  5. Make sure people know where to find you by having an easy-to-access website and social media sites that showcase your studio AND your work. Sola provides you with an easy-to-use webpage on their consumer facing website to help get your name out there in no time.

Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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