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Make money by adding new services

Rosanne Ullman | July 10, 2011 | 3:12 PM
Growing your business is back in fashion, and the formula for success is simple: offering more services = more money in your pocket.
Make money by adding new services

IN FASHION, it's all about the little black dress. It's the perennial wardrobe essential, the foundation to build upon and accessorize to match any trend.


In the salon business, your fundamental services are the equivalent of the "little black dress." Cut, color, texture and retail are your beauty basics. If nails are your focus, it's the mani/pedi. Skin care? All about the facial. No matter your expertise, you develop your skills in core areas, and count on them to make you-and your clients-look good.

But what are you doing to "dress up" these services? How are you accessorizing and expanding your basics to keep what you have to offer fresh and relevant to clients? Most important, how are you taking advantage of easy new opportunities to offer and do MORE services and make MORE money?

Back in Fashion
The economy has been challenging, no doubt. But positive changes in consumer habits are happening. Salon professionals who have worked smarter and harder are seeing client spending- and appointment frequency-pick up. Appointment books and personal P&L's are shifting from red (negative/empty) to black (positively profitable)!

But to keep your business moving in the right direction, you need to know the whole trend story. In this new era, your personal success as a beauty professional depends more than ever on how well you anticipate your clients' redefined needs and how directly you connect them with the right service options and extras.

Because something is different.

Nielsen, Brand Keys and popular forecasters of marketplace habits use words like value, restraint, meaning and authenticity to describe the change. Other trendcasters speculate that while consumers are starting to spend again, they are more low-key. They wince at waste and crave comfort. At the same time, they are demanding "instant" experiences, change and "connection." Generosity, social concerns and "embedded giving" are important. Many value a contemporary, urban vibe and seek to put their personal stamp on sophistication. (See last page of this section for a snapshot and more of these trends.)

Some analysts refer to this interesting but complex consumer landscape as the "new normal." Are you ready for it? Yes, you are! Because the salon industry's leading companies have done their homework to create the "fuel" (literally, in one brand's case) to help you take the best care of your clients and your own bottom line.

This special Trend Report will prep you to take advantage of the hottest new service and add-on opportunities. It will also help you "do the math," with simple formulas detailing the actual extra dollars you earn by adding these revenue drivers to your tickets each week.

Based on consumer trends and industry innovations, these categories can really boost your income this year:

CONDITIONING TREATMENTS AND REGIMENS. Always lecturing clients who aren't diligent about keeping their hair healthy? They're finally listening. Clients will want their hair to keep its integrity as much as you do.

TEXTURE-CHANGING PRODUCTS, TOOLS AND SERVICES. Clients now take for granted that they can change their texture. They will be open to any technology that offers improvement in speed, effectiveness or damage-control.

HAIR COLOR: Spring is flirting with summer, and blonde is back. Clients may not go for three shades of highlights and big differences in levels, but they will ask to go lighter and insist on shine and dimension. Your product must be versatile and top quality to retain this color client. They also still want long-lasting results and "options" that minimize or eliminate regrowth challenges.

FACIAL WAXING. This may be the easiest upsell of all. Clients really do want the "total look." Those who stretched their eyebrow shaping appointments or put up with lip fuzz will get back on course, while your hair-only clients will need just a gentle reminder to polish their appearance.

OTHER CATEGORIES TO WATCH? These product and service segments also offer client solutions sure to be in-demand, on-trend, profit boosters:
• Faster, simpler nail enhancements
• Men's hair color: simple, fast, discreet
• Easy-kit lash enhancements
• Thinning hair treatments and products

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