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ORLY Reveals New Look, New Campaign

Anne Moratto | July 31, 2013 | 8:41 AM

ORLY Reveals New Look, New CampaignJuly at CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas, Jeff Pink and his team at ORLY International, a professional nail care line, revealed changes to the brand that include updated packaging, logo, displays, website and a new advertising campaign.  The driver of these changes is the man behind the brand.

“The rebranding of ORLY is an ongoing process, stemming from a year of in-depth market research, said Jeff Pink, President and CEO of ORLY International. “We are always looking to improve the brand experience and have made changes to better connect with our consumers and salon professionals across the globe.”

ORLY Reveals New Look, New Campaign

An updated logo featuring the brand name in a bold font will be included on all packaging, website and brand materials. The new logo on the ORLY nail lacquer bottles allows for more of ORLY’s signature vibrant colors to show through. Bottles will also include an improved version of the award-winning Gripper Cap™ made with a high-tech rubber and design, offering a more controlled and precise application.

Outside box packaging will be color coded and merchandised by treatment type within sleeker ORLY store displays with open shelving, allowing consumers and salon professionals to easily identify and select products in store.

ORLY Reveals New Look, New Campaign

ORLY commissioned French artist François Nielly on their first  consumer based advertising campaign, centering on ORLY’s legacy in the nail industry entitled, “It all Started with Pink.” Rolling out in June in select national lifestyle print publications, the ad will feature a color portrait of Jeff Pink created entirely of the colors found in ORLY’s extensive nail lacquer collection.

A redesigned, easy-to-navigate website will cater to ORLY consumers, distributors and salon professionals. The homepage will include a salon and store locator, so that consumers can find nearby retailers and salons that carry ORLY and offer the GelFX service. Video tutorials will provide consumers with how-to tips and insight on color and nail trends. Distributors and salon professionals will have a secured log in where they will be able to find salon product information and place direct orders.

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