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WATCH: New TN Law Could Harm Consumers, Students and Salons

Anne Moratto | June 26, 2013 | 8:32 AM

A bill was passed into law in Tennessee that cuts the time cosmetology school students have to spend in school (1500 hours) in half by allowing them to do an apprenticeship. The Cosmetology Board of Tennessee didn’t know about the legislation as it made its way into law because if they had, they say, they would have done what they could to stop it or at least fight it.

Cosmetologists and school owners from Tennessee expressed their anger at a meeting this week in Tennessee. Their fear is that students won’t get proper training if their time in school is so reduced. They were speaking to a sympathetic audience as all of the Cosmetology Board Members agree that this law could harm the industry and harm consumers.

A consultant to Aveda South, a group of Aveda school in the area, Rick Wallace of Famos Consulting said, “These laws are implemented to protect the consumer but this would be devastating because it would open up the consumer to major problems with untrained apprenticeship programs—not just bad hair, bad perm or bad color—but serious harm to their skin, the potential for burns, and more," said Wallace. "Everyone needs to be aware that this is damaging to the industry, to the consumers and more importantly that this industry does not support this law. “

Wallace, who spoke at the meeting, suggests Tennessee residents contact their Governor’s office to express their disappointment in this law while also sending the Cosmetology Board supportive emails.

"They are on our team."

Stay informed about what is happening in your state by checking in here.  This map of the United States is regularly updated to indicate a threat to the industry. During the summer, many legislative sessions are on recess but things will start heating up again soon.


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