Amy Chin, Founder of  Calm Better Days .  

Amy Chin, Founder of Calm Better Days

2020 has caused many consumers to turn to CBD for stress, insomnia, and self-care. With holiday gifting around the corner, there are three key factors you should consider when making your selection for purchasing or retailing in the salon. Knowing how to safely select the best CBD product in a marketplace full of white-labeled products can mean the difference between life-changing results and toxicity-induced illnesses. 

Consider the Source: Organic vs non-organic CBD matters. CBD is a bio-accumulator that soaks up all the toxins in the soil, so it is critical to only go for organic CBD. Look for products with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab which will ensure the CBD product is toxin-free. 


Look for Full Spectrum: Understanding the difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate will allow consumers to experience better results. Full-spectrum CBD is the best choice, as it means that users are getting the fullest healing benefits of the whole plant (specifically, terpenes and cannabinoids) 

Explore Delivery Methods: Delivery methods and activation times make a big difference. Gummies, vaporizers, tinctures, creams, and suppositories are just a few of the ways consumers can take CBD, but they yield different results by affecting the body differently. Edibles (gummies and capsules) go through the stomach and metabolizes in the liver before going into the bloodstream, so it takes much longer than vaporizers and tinctures (used under the tongue). Understanding the different activation times and how long they last for will yield different results. For example: using a vaporizer helps with immediate relief of anxiety, whereas a tincture is better for a daily routine of self-care. If the user needs more relief, layering a vaporizer, tincture, and an edible can help give long-lasting relief throughout the day. 


While research around plant medicine continues to develop, the above factors are necessary to consider when using CBD. As CBD consumption grows at an exponential rate, understanding these differences can be life-changing.

About the Author: Amy Chin is the founder of Calm Better Days. She is a leading CBD educator focused on anxiety and postpartum depression and can help consumers understand the nuance in this growing marketplace.

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