<p><strong>Handsome is a career and education app for the beauty and barber industries, cofounded by entrepreneur sisters April and Nikki Dominguez. </strong></p>

Handsome is a career and education app for the beauty and barber industries, cofounded by entrepreneur sisters April and Nikki Dominguez.

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<p><strong>Handsome is a career and education app for the beauty and barber industries, cofounded by entrepreneur sisters April and Nikki Dominguez. </strong></p>

Handsome is a career and education app for the beauty and barber industries, cofounded by entrepreneur sisters April and Nikki Dominguez.


 As California renews its indoor closures, the pressure on salon, spa and barbershop owners and staff is higher than any other industry. Salons in many California counties have been closed since the original shutdown in March.

With the new regulations allowing outdoor services, the decision doesn’t seem to consider the extensive training in sanitation the industry undergoes.

Handsome App, an Austin based startup that provides beauty and barber professionals with digital tools and communities to find peer and career support, has been tapping into their  community, cultivating conversations among shop owners and stylists, and providing education and tips on how to continue to maintain the most thorough sanitation practices including additional COVID specific certifications from Barbicide, the global leader of disinfection in the professional beauty industry. These salon practices are, arguably, more stringent than those being taken by restaurants and many other businesses that have been deemed essential.

Here seven industry professionals describe the extensive sanitation practices they take:

Leah Webb, Austin, @salon_1150 www.salon1150.com

“We are doing so much to stay safe at our salon. We are all Barbicide certified, we temp check staff daily and clients upon arrival to appts, everyone is required to wear a mask, you must wash and sanitize hands upon entering the salon, social distancing, cleaning all the surfaces, bowls and chairs between every client, bathroom is cleaned hourly, all towels and capes and smocks are put into the wash after use, we allow only clients in the salon. No friends or family. Everyone signs a COVIT-19 release form before coming to their appointment, and these are just the beginning steps.”

Jennifer Whittaker, Assistant, New Jersey @beautybyjenw

“I personally did safety training with Barbicide and Milady. At our salon we have to wear our hair up (if we have long hair). We wear a mask and a face shield at all times. We also have to wear aprons at all times. Our hairbrushes, cutting combs, processing combs, capes, and robes are washed, sterilized, then packaged with a machine to ensure it is clean, sterilized and hasn’t been used. These are opened individually for each client depending on the service. We also package face masks and have them available for clients. They have to sign waivers and forms and get their temperature taken. There’s no waiting area as well as not open food or beverages allowed in the salon. All clients must wear a mask. All our stations have red and green circles. When the station is in user the circle is turned to red as it is in use. When the client leaves, we sanitize the whole station and turn the circle to green to let the stylist know that It has been cleaned and ready for the next client. We have hand sensor sanitizers everywhere. Each station has an autoclave where the stylist must store their tools when not in user. Each station also has sanitation spray and hand sanitizer. The front desk has plexiglass on the table to protect us while wea re having our lunch.”

Shay de Oliveira, Hairstylist, NYC, @shay.de.oliveira @theNYChair

“1) If on has recently traveled, they CANNOT book until after quarantine period, period. 2) Clients must fill out a questionnaire and liability waiver prior to service. 3) Upon arrival, all clients are REQUIRED to wear a mask. 4) They must wash their hands upon entry. 5) As soon as they are seated the stylist is required to ask them a bunch of health questions i.e. ‘Are you living with someone with COVID, experiencing shortness of breath, had a recent fever, etc.’ 6) The Stylists are required to get a COVID test every 10-14 days (not anti- body) that’s a state mandate, not employer. 7) Masks, shields or goggles and gloves at all times. 8) When not with a client SOCIAL DISTANCE yes, sadly even from your beloved and much missed coworkers. 9) All stations are at least 8-10 ft apart. 10) Sanitize everything (high touch surfaces) regularly throughout the day. 11) Disposable capes and towels. 12) UV or Barbicide for all implements after each use (state board style). 13) Virtual consultations before the service. 14) TOUCHLESS PAY (no cash) and last but not least no blow dry's recommended, as the jury still out on aerosolization of COVID...and keep your mask on in the salon. And of course, Barbicide COVID reg. Certified & eat lunch outside.”

Christopher C., Barber, New Hampshire, @shavinsicilian

“Where I work, we have become an effective and efficient machine when it comes to safety and sanitation. To my knowledge, all of the barbers are Barbicide COVID-19 Certified, we call people and let them know when they can come to the door that we open for them. Whenever anyone enters the shop, barber or customer, they have a mask, must get a temp check and sanitize their hands. After the cut is performed, they pay for the cut via card/contactless payment. After they leave, we wipe down our capes, the chair, everything with disinfectant with enough time for it to properly clean.”

Elyse, Master Stylist, Bay Area, CA @chemi_couture www.hairandmakeupbyelyse.com

“As barbers and cosmetologists, we are giving all of the tools to make safe decisions with our clients by taking an extra step further by doing the new COVID-19 sanitation from Barbicide. It really gives you that much more of a leg to stand on that we are the professionals that we are.”

Andrea M, Stylist, Chicago, @andreamonroe_

“Our salon is taking temperatures and distributing hand sanitizer to every client and staff who enter. We are always practicing social distancing and wearing face masks. We’re certified in the Barbicide course and also book clients 15 minutes between each appointment. We spray and disinfect between each visit.”

Robin Jozaitis – Hairstylist, Florida

“We are in Florida, everyone must wear a mask, temperatures are checked upon arrival, hand sanitizer is at the entrance of the salon, all stains, high touch points, shampoo bowls and ask chairs are sanitized before the start of the day and after each guest. Towels and capes are washed on hot with bleach. We have been good, so far!”


Handsome is a career and education app for the beauty and barber industries, cofounded by entrepreneur sisters April and Nikki Dominguez. Recognized as a Top Startup to Watch in 2020 and “The App Every Beauty Pro Needs,” Handsome allows hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, salon owners and massage therapists to build a digital portfolio, post questions, find career advice, education and jobs.

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