With salons starting to open up in some states, owners are under a lot of pressure to initiate increased safety and sanitation guidelines.  In addition to the CDC and state guidelines, Ralph Anthony Capozzi, owner of Capozzi & Co Salon (NY), is focusing on cleaner, safer air.

Capozzi has a newly renovated ventilation system from Freestyle Systems to help purify air in the salon.  It’s a whisper quiet inline blower and backdraft damper designed to remove unhealthy chemicals and particles from the air above each styling station.

“Dirt, dust and other toxins are filtered out, providing cleaner air for both my staff and our guests…it’s another layer of security and I hope it makes people feel more comfortable,” he adds. 

The LP04 Round Ventilated Light Platform is designed to remove harmful substances from the air above each styling station. The inline fan is remotely mounted, so it is very quiet and comes with three pre-wired and installed SL4000 Recessed Lights with a 24vDC power supply and a 250CFM whisper quiet inline blower and 6” backdraft damper.

A backdraft damper is one element of a ventilation system that allows contaminated air to flow out, but prevents contaminated air from sweeping back in.  So, chemicals from coloring, straightening services, cut hair and other harmful elements are filtered out while clean air is circulated in,” explains Blair Hopper, CEO of Freestyle Systems.

Learn more about vented light platforms here and see images here.

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