Farouk Systems Welcomes International Distributors with Texas Hospitality

 Farouk Systems recently hosted a three-day summit for their international distribution partners. The event kicked off at CHI Headquarters in Houston, where distributors from around the world congregated for founder and co-chairman, Dr. Farouk Shami’s opening remarks. He highlighted several notable product development updates, including the upcoming CHI Color Master – the latest breakthrough from Farouk Systems’ partnership with LG Household & Healthcare.

President of Innovation, Lisa Marie Garcia, and LG H&H Research Lab Senior Researcher, Jungyong Lee, demonstrated how this hair color technology advancement can formulate over 150,000 pre-programmed color formulas as well as customizable options.

Garcia also shared details about CHI Haircare’s upcoming launches, including the CHI LAVA tool line’s latest additions, a line extension for the CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioners and the all-new CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Shampoos –color shampoos that are formulated with at least 90% natural ingredients.

New entries were also announced to the BioSilk with Organic Coconut Oil line: the Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Whipped Volume Mousse and the Curl Cream.

The international distributors received an extra dose of southern hospitality when they were welcomed to Dr. Shami’s Woodlands, TX home. They dined there for two evenings before traveling to the Rami Ranch just outside of Centerville, Texas. The ranch is where many herbs and nettle are planted and used to source ingredients for selected CHI Haircare products. Over the weekend there the distributors indulged in hay rides, authentic Texas BBQ and leisurely fishing.

“Meeting with our international distributors isn’t solely about business,” said Dr. Shami. “It’s about embracing unique global perspectives and coming together as a family. When you look at the person next to you as family, that bond unites us further in exploring collaboration that will forge our path for continuous innovation, longevity and overall prosperity.”


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Originally posted on Modern Salon