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Salon Audace
Norman, Oklahoma
Owners: Nathan Andrew and Christopher Saint John
Established: Salon established 2013. Relocated to new space in January 2018.
Style: Modern cosmopolitan
Square Footage: 1400
Number of Styling Stations: 10
Salon/Spa Equipment Lines Used: Freestyle Systems, Minerva Beauty
Furniture Lines Used: Ikea
Retail Lines Carried: Shu Uemura, SEVEN
Color Lines Used: Wella, Pulp Riot
Design: Christopher Saint John, Nathan Andrew
Photographer: Shevaun Williams

As a Wella educator, Nathan Andrew and his business partner Christopher Saint John have the opportunity to travel around the country and see inside a multitude of salons. Through those travels, they started collecting design ideas for the renovation of their salon, Salon Audace in Norman, Oklahoma. “We were fortunate to see a lot of styles you wouldn’t normally see in Oklahoma,” Andrew says.

The owners were adamant about having an aesthetic that is not only eye-catching, but also unique to their area so it provides a different kind of experience for their clients. “We wanted to not only be beautiful, but intentional,” Andrew says. “We wanted a space that was both breathtaking, as well as functional. Everything needed to have a place and purpose, and we wanted the layout to make sense for our team."

They believe the design element that separates their salon most is their lighting. “Chris spent so much time researching and learning about lighting over the year. Ours is 100% LED and the number of lumens and the color temperature is mathematically measured to create a balance of light in the space.”

One of the most common compliments the Salon Audace team hears is, “Wow, I love your lighting!”

“If you notice in some of our photos, the lights around the stations alternate in color temperature—not only is the light balanced, we have plenty of it,” Andrew says. “Having the front lighting allows clients to feel bright and beautiful about themselves, not just about their hair. Sometimes we see beautiful salons but they either need more lighting, or it’s not balanced enough.”

Another design element the owners love is their Freestyle blowdryers. “They really make a difference to our team and their physical health,” Andrew says. “Clients also love it when they come in and see dryers hanging, and how the space looks so clean because of the lack of cords on the floor.”

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