Salon owner, celebrity colorist and platform artist Marco Pelusi has been profiled in a new book, "Thoughtfully Ruthless" by Val Wright which "lays out the secret to rapid business growth."   In his interview, Pelusi emphasizes the importance of hair on a person's sense of self and first impressions. 

"The first thing--literally, the very first thing--that someone sees when they look at you is your hair. Not your skin, not your makeup, not your clothing, but your hair. It's the framework for everything about you."

Pelusi, whose clients include actresses, models and influencers, goes on to say that clients who invest in themselves, even when business is down, see an instant uptick in their own brand. 

"Actors who take the time and spend the money to groom themselves book more work. This has happened time and time again in my world.  I have a character actress whose beautiful red curly hair was long and untamed but the moment we gave her a sassy, short cut, she has booked work ever since."

You can buy the book directly from Amazon by clicking on the book title above. 

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