Lashes by Andrea Caban-Dopico
Lashes by Andrea Caban-DopicoLashes by Andrea Caban-Dopico

Do all beauty trends follow each other? As we start to see a softer, more natural trend in hair and hair color will this also be reflected in eyelash extensions and lash designs?

 “Often clients believe that they only want their eyelashes to be very long and dramatic,” says Melanie Kopeikin, founder and chairman of The Lash & Brow Academy, Inc. in Encino, CA. “This time of year, we like to stress how a more natural looking application supports their changing demands and lifestyle.” 

With lash extensions, clients can take a spring break and summer vacation from mascara. NovaLash Eyelash Extensions love moisture so clients can head from lash appointment to lounge chair, poolside. And if lash artists want to introduce this softer side of lashes to their clients, the consultation is the starting point.

“The consultation is the most important step in managing a client's expectations and and it is important that it is done every time the client comes in for their touch up appointments,” Kopeikin says. “A client's lifestyle changes seasonally and lash artists need to take that into consideration. It is also important to educate clients on our technique and what results to expect. As an example, the NovaLash American Volume technique gives clients a beautiful lash-line and gorgeous, soft looking lashes. Lashes that are super ‘va-voom’ are not always necessary and not everyone's natural lashes can support the weight of them.”

Weddings, proms, and graduations are spring staples and eyelash extensions and salons and spas can introduce the service to clients through well-timed marketing.

“A spring and summer promotion that packages a set of lashes with the first touch-up and aftercare kit is always a great way to get a client on board,” Kopeikin. “Having your staff wearing eyelash extensions is the best advertisement.

“Eyelash extensions are like a natural instant facelift. Just add a little lip gloss, a quick swipe of blush and highlighter and off you go, naturally and beautifully.”


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