How Watching Netflix Can Help Grow Your Salon Business
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Phorest Salon Software's blog section is teeming with advice on how you can grow your salon business. If you've ever sat on the couch and turned on the television after work, this article can offer you some advice on effortless ways you can grow your salon business while you chill.

1. Schedule Your Social Posts for the Week: Did you know that you can schedule posts to go out on Facebook and Instagram in advance? Why put yourself through the stress of having to post manually every single day? Instead, just relax on the couch and casually organize your week’s social content in advance.

2. Grow Your Twitter and/or Instagram Followers: This one couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is lie down on the couch, find a competitor’s social media account and start following their followers. When you follow someone on Twitter or Instagram, there is a high chance that they follow you back. Think of it as simply saying hello at a dinner party – albeit, a large dinner party! Read more about this topic in the original article by Phorest.

3. Work On Your SOP Manual: An SOP (Salon/Spa Operation Procedures) Manual, in a nutshell, contains every single procedure, each written as detailed as possible to ensure your business’ vision is respected and applied to any scenarios that could potentially arise in your salon. If you do have one; when was the last time you took the time to update it? Take a few minutes to do so on the couch and in less than 2 weeks you’ll have plowed through the whole thing!

Efficiently learn how to write a salon manual here!

4. Comment on Blogs by Industry Leaders: Industry leaders and high-profile personalities could really help you grow your business. And all you have to do is give them some attention. Read more about this topic here.

5. Create Your To-Do List. Identify 3 things you need to get done in over the course of the week. Every day, pick out 3 goals you’d like to accomplish by the time you go to sleep. Get more advice about this here.

6. Research Salon Software. Phorest recommends using their software. Watch a demo!
7. Read Past Articles on Phorest's Blog. The salon software company puts out three new articles each week, specifically tailored to the most important areas of your salon's success. Check out this week's topics!

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