Salon Secret Systems: New Coaching Program from Celebrity Colorist Jennifer J.

 Jennifer Jahanbigloo, known in the industry as Jennifer J., is the owner of Juan Juan Salons and a celebrity stylist with a loyal clientele of Hollywood’s loveliest.  After years leading teams of hairdressers, Jennifer J. is now branching out into teaching, to share her formula for a long and satisfying salon career through a program she is launching called Salon Secret Systems.

“I want to give back to all the talented hairdressers that love their art but don’t know how to turn it into a profitable business,” Jennifer says. “I have created an online course for hairdressers to teach them everything they need to know to double, triple or quadruple their book of business.

"It is an 8 week, one hour a week course that consists of videos of me and my team teaching everything I have learned over the 23 years I have been in this business.  The course also includes one group coaching call with me to ask any questions they may have about what they are learning and an invite to a private Facebook page where they will be supported by me, my staff and each other.”

MODERN asked Jennifer J. to take some time to talk about this labor of love and how she is giving people the tools to be successful. 

MS: What did you see missing in the industry that propelled you to create this type of coaching and instruction?

JJ: I have been in this business now for almost 25 years and when I was first starting out, everything was so competitive and secretive, no one ever explained their techniques or taught anyone how to formulate and helping each other was completely unheard of.  I learned quickly that the only way you could learn was by watching and being present in every situation possible.  I have always come from a place of loving to learn and it was hard for me to find anyone to teach me.  I realized that we all learn the skills to do hair but no one really teaches us how to run a profitable business.  It took me talking to a few new hairdressers and how much they didn’t know about how to really start their own business that really pushed me to create this course.  I had no idea how much I knew until I started teaching and then I felt like this was information that any hairdresser should know in order to create a life they really want to live.  Teaching and helping people has been so rewarding for me because I have always come from a place of sharing and that there are enough clients and business for every one of us.  Paying it forward seems like a no brainer to me and empowering incredible artists that may not have the business skills to sustain their art seemed key for me.  

MS: What are one or two things you see stylists doing that you know get in the way of their success?

JJ: There are a few things that I see over and over in this business.  Hairdressers tend to want to please their client so much that they can tend to "over promise" without the skills to be able to do the service or they will agree to do a certain color that is so labor intensive that they actually lose money by doing that service.   There is so much to know about this business and most of it can all be sorted out by knowing exactly how to talk to their client and to be able to acknowledge their own worth as a hairdresser.  All this “lived in color” and “Ombre color” is beautiful but it is not going to make you money as a hairdresser.  Those clients will usually only come in twice a year and although it is so satisfying to do such beautiful work, it’s not smart when it comes to business.  We are in the business of seeing clients, not coloring them in a way that they don’t come in as often.  In addition, we all have been in that situation that we have spent so much time and detail to make sure a color is perfect only to realize that we’ve spent way too long doing it and if you just did a few single processes instead, you would find that you would have around the same amount of money in much less time.  Part of what I teach is how to use your time wisely and how to maximize your gross profit by following an easy formula.

MS: Without giving away too much, what is one thing a stylist will take away from your coaching that they can immediately apply to their work?

JJ: The beauty about what I am teaching is that you are able to implement it immediately and you can see results on the first day.  Part of what I am teaching is goal setting, how to organize your schedule for maximum profit and how to track your income on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  These are things that are so easy for anyone to do and it’s really exciting to see how quickly they work.  If a hairdresser can implement even a quarter of what I’m teaching, they can easily double their income.  If they really focus, the sky is the limit!

MS: You have a private Facebook page and you offer group coaching. Do you see stylists supporting each other and helping each other be successful or do you see the opposite?

JJ: I have a private Facebook page that all my students will be invited to.  It will be a place where motivated hairdressers can ask questions and either I can answer them or they can help each other by suggesting different things as well.  The amazing thing about hair color is that there are SO many ways to approach it so anyone can learn a new technique.  Even after coloring hair for almost 25 years, I still learn new things all the time.  That’s really what keeps us all motivated and focused because it never gets boring.  I will also be hosting weekly calls where I will be answering questions from students taking my course in the areas of customer service, scheduling, color correcting or anything they might feel stuck on.  My goal here is to pay it forward and help anyone that wants to push through to the next level and help them really create the live of their dreams

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Originally posted on Modern Salon

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