Build a Bright Beauty Future by Participating in Beauty Changes Lives' ScholarTips

The future of your salon, as well as the industry, relies on our ability to attract and support students as they pursue careers in beauty. With its new ScholarTips program, the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation is making it easier than ever for you to share both your wisdom and a helping hand to someone considering a career in professional beauty.

One of the first resources required to make a beauty dream come true is education. For many, this dream can be elusive as they struggle to make ends meet. In today's world, financial aid and student loans are harder to come because of  increased government regulation.  Beauty Changes Lives is a not-for-profit foundation that awards scholarships that ease the financial stress for those embarking on a career in beauty.

Throughout the month of August, the ScholarTips campaign encourages beauty professionals to donate tips to the scholarship fund while they also share tips, as in words of wisdom, to future beauty professionals. Here’s how you can get involved:

Donate Money:  Throughout August, beauty professionals are encouraged to donate one or more tips to the scholarship fund. As the salon owner, you can educate your team about the ScholarTips program and establish a tip jar in the breakroom where your staff members can donate tips throughout the month. You can also organize a team activity that raises a donation for the fund. Or, you can simply share the information and challenge your team members to participate. To donate your tip, visit

Share Advice: Success requires more than money, so share your words of wisdom, too. Knowing what you know now, what would you tell the next generation of beauty and wellness professionals? Share your ScholarTips on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #ScholarTips and #IGAVEATIP. Videos are strongly encouraged!

Challenge Your Peers: Let the world know you GAVE A TIP by challenging you peers to give a tip, too. When you post your words of wisdom, challenge one or more people to follow your lead.

Your advice could influence future professionals. Salon Today will feature the best ScholarTips on, as well as list the names of the donors.

To find out more about the program, visit

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