The hot heat of Atlanta, Georgia, ushers in summer like nowhere else. To welcome the season, Club Intrigue will be hosting another one of its most popular events, a Jam Session! The event will be held from 7-9 p.m., June 20 at the Van Michael Salon at 929 Peachtree Street in Atlanta.

Atlanta is known for its diverse culture and influential people, and is home to many amazing, talented artists influencing the hair industry every day. In the past Club Intrigue has hosted other themed hair sessions such as the Men’s Hair Jam Session, Blonde Session and Indie Hair Session. The community events are open to all artists and free, allowing professionals to mix and mingle with old friends and new.

Club Intrigue is a shared education movement based out of Atlanta. Founder Jeff South had a vision for creating community among local salons and stylists for the greater good of education and elevating salon culture. Since 2013, South has hosted more than 30 local and national events. Club Intrigue is a protector of the industry where local communities come together face-to-face and without barriers to build relationships, collaborate, have fun and most importantly, see the value of education. The local community is always willing to say ‘yes’ to helping continue the expansion and vision for Club Intrigue, and for its Summer Jam Session, industry icon Van Council of Van Michael Salons will open up his Midtown location, taking Club Intrigue from up-town to in-town.

A Jam Session is unique because it mobilizes 20 different salons into one place where the theme may be universal, but the interpretations are very specific to each salon style and culture. In addition to these participating salons, other industry professionals will have the ability to browse all 20 salons being showcased at individual stations and receive explanations from the stylists themselves on technique, conceptual influence and inspiration.

Club Intrigue's Jeff South watches a stylist finish his look at a previous Jam Session.

This creates a very up-close and personal experience for attendees where they have the option to learn face-to-face with their peers and assess personal skill level. It also gives participating salons a safe platform for stylists to teach in front of a larger audience.

All Club Intrigue events are available free to view anytime on Livestream, and during the Summer Jam Session, host Cassidy Newell will be interviewing each salon for the viewers at home. At the end of the event, there will be a mini-runway show where all participating salons will be given the opportunity to present their work and provide a one-minute recap for the audience.

The next opportunity to catch Club Intrigue in action will be on the west coast this July in Spokane, Washington! Visit Club Intrigue to stay tuned for details of future events.

Jam Sessions promise a packed house.

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