Cherish a Moment
The Black Cat Salon and Spa
Kailua, Hawaii
Owned by: Katy Gassaway and Jentry Petzold

When the Black Cat first opened its doors, the owners would leave business cards with some of their favorite quotes wherever they went—“We called them love bombs,” Katy Gassaway says.

As the business grew, the love bombs faded and were forgotten until this past year. “Not only did we revive the love bombs with newly designed business cards, but we added what we call live love bombs where team members make cardboard signs with words of gratitude and positivity and hold them at the island’s busiest intersections during rush hour,” Gassaway explains.

Some of the salon’s guests recognize them, while others honk and wave, and Gassaway counts it a success if they made even one person’s day.

“We take lots of pictures, of course, which we share on social media, and several have gone viral as guests share them and talk about how much they love the good vibes of our salon,” she says. “It’s a fun way to bond as a team, increase brand awareness and create social media buzz.”

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