John Paul DeJoria and Michaeline DeJoria
John Paul DeJoria and Michaeline DeJoria

The first Paul Mitchell Business rEvolution conference is underway, focusing on developing salon owners, independent stylists and sales professionals to become successful entrepreneurs and business people.  Taking place in Las Vegas, NV at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, from July 26-28, 2015, the event consists of two days of speakers, breakout sessions, networking and visuals for education that builds business understanding and confidence.

Two leaders of the Paul Mitchell team addressed the crowd in the opening session on Monday, July 27--the Co-Founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Chairman of the Board, John Paul DeJoria, and his daughter, Michaeline DeJoria, the Vice Chairman and Director of Future Business Development for John Paul Mitchell Systems.  They both offered some insight into their management strategy.

"At John Paul Mitchell Systems, we don’t have bosses, we have leaders," John Paul DeJoria says. "We all look to develop the next person to be a leader. I believe in 35 years, our turnover has been only about 50 people, worldwide."

How to reprimand/correct behavior:

  1.  Tell them what it was they didn’t do that they should have done.
  2. Tell them how they should have done it properly (too many people don’t want to admit they don’t know how to do something so they might just not have known how to perform).
  3. Tell them what they normally do right and really praise them for it.   Send them out with “So please continue to be as terrific as you are but please______(insert correction, ie.  Come in earlier).

How to praise

  1. Praise loudly
  2. Praise openly

Michaeline DeJoria says that she approaches her business decisions keeping these four points always in mind:

Fresh Eyes—"I always look at everything we’ve done, whether we’ve done it for 35 years or 35 minutes, and I come to it with complete openness, and look at how we can maybe improve.

Humility—"It means taking your ego out of it and realizing it isn’t about what looks best for you or that makes you feel good but about doing the best for your people.

Labor of Love—"I come to work every day because I love this job so much. To love what you do and the people you are doing it for, that is what should drive you. How much more can I do to grow my business so I can give back?

Trust—"One, trust your instinct. It’s becoming more difficult as we see so much input on social media about trends and what is supposed to be the thing but take a moment and trust your gut.  And two, trust your team.  Share your vision with your team, don’t direct them but work with them."

More on the Paul Mitchell Business rEvolution is to come.


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