Signature Spotlight: Claude Baruk's Signature Five-Step Cut

There is beauty in simplicity. Claude Baruk, owner of Claude BARUK Salon at Wynn, in Las Vegas,  has crafted his Women’s Signature Five-Step Cut that he and his team believe works great on any client. The wet-cut technique makes for an easy-to-maintain style.

Process: The name is derived from the process of dividing the hair into five sections. “This particular technique works for every type of hair, including varying lengths,” Baruk says. “I have been working on this style of cutting for many years and have mastered what I think creates the perfect haircut. It truly is an innovative cutting method that creates an easy-to-maintain style designed specifically for each individual guest and her lifestyle.”

Who performs the service: Claude BARUK Salon at Wynn stylists.

Supplies used: Scissors, brushes and clips

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $230

Target market: All female guests, all hair types.

How it’s marketed: Stylists recommend the cut to every client in their chair because of its ease of maintenance and ability to recreate the style at home. “Our guests find comfort in the fact that they can easily recreate the same look from the salon at home,” Baruk says.

Number sold per month: 200

How the service contributes to Claude BARUK Salon at Wynn’s success: The cut has been a hit because of the easy at-home maintenance. “My guests like the cut so much that they keep coming back, which has created a loyal clientele for the salon,” Baruk says.

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