Jim Markham (left), Maggie DiFalco (top right) and Marco Pelusi (bottom right)
Jim Markham (left), Maggie DiFalco (top right) and Marco Pelusi (bottom right)

The best leaders know how to ask for direction. SALON TODAY  recently invited industry experts to share a trusted person who helps them make the best decisions for their brand, when we asked:
“What expert(s) do you most frequently turn to for guidance and how does that help prevent tunnel vision?”

Jim Markham

ColorProof Evolved Color Care, Pureology, ABBA and Markham

“There are so many different avenues one can take to achieve success, and by reading biographies of incredibly successful people like Steve Jobs, Henry Royce, Charles Schulz, Abraham Lincoln and Richard Branson, it is easy to become inspired and indirectly gain guidance and coaching.  One example comes from former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who describes an interesting concept called creative destruction under which superseded businesses and products are displaced by new ones that are much more efficient. He gives the examples of tin cans being replaced by aluminum and plastic, and the fax machine being replaced by the scanner. 

“ColorProof is an ingredient technology driven company, which is why from a product development angle I am constantly consulting with ingredient manufacturers, who are true experts in their field, to find out about up-and-coming ingredients that are more effective and can outperform what exists today. Ingredient technology improves at rapid rates, which is why it is essential to be in constant contact with our suppliers and stay on the forefront of each advancement.”

Maggie DiFalco


Maggie The Salon
Pembroke Pines, Florida

“In my 20 years in business, there are many I have turned to for advice. However, my ‘go-to’ support are the salon owners who are my protégés—the ones I’ve met through the conferences and seminars we all attend on a regular basis. After I kept running into them, we exchanged phone numbers, business cards and emails. It became obvious that we all had similar salon cultures and the same love and passion for our industry. Today, that ‘go-to’ support include my three salon owner friends, Bonnie Conte of Avalon Salon, Gayle Fulbright of Headlines The Salon and Rowena Yeager of Studio Wish Salon. These businesswomen have been there for me through good times and bad. Networking and a ‘not-afraid-to-share’ mentality keep us connected. We’re always helping each other out with tips on hiring staff, training new talent, keeping up with technology and sharing business benchmarks. Even though we live miles away from one another, our constant connection keeps us strong, and we encourage each other to be better every day.”

Marco Pelusi

Marco Pelusi Hair Studio
West Hollywood, California and creator of Marco Collagen Color Guard Haircare System.

The secret silent hero for my business is my father, Henry Pelusi, of the Philip Pelusi Salons on the east coast. I’m a very lucky guy to have been born into a family of hair salon professionals. My moving 3,000 miles away to Los Angeles and building a business in a new city was not the easiest task. Having Dad to bounce ideas off of—and to keep my head on straight—has been a godsend. I’ve been a salon owner for more than a decade now, and I’ve had his support, guidance and strength. Whether it’s reviewing contracts or leases, thinking through a repair at my studio or simply lending an ear, he has been there. While doing things on your own is key for an entrepreneur, a second opinion—a trusted, valued, experienced one—is worth its weight in gold. Discussing ideas together with trust and confidentiality has been a key element to my moving forward with my studio and my products.”

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