The Business of Hair Color: Take Technique Off the MenuOne of the redCHOCOLATE’s beliefs is that menus should speak to the beautiful color results clients are seeking, and not the techniques used to achieve them.

“For example, most salon menus feature and price color by single-process, highlights, etc.,” says Virginia Meyers, who co-founded the color education company with David Adams. “We’ve dumbed the business down to this—so consumers call and order off the menu, they are booked accordingly and the stylists starts off on the back foot because the client is improperly booked for what she really wants, and she already has a price expectation.”

When a client comes in for a color consultation and is offered customized options based on their unique desires and different price points before the service starts, it opens up the color conversation, helps the colorist and client build a color plan for today’s visit and future visits, and eliminates uncomfortable sticker shock at the front desk.

Rob Willis, operations manager at Atelier, says that perspective has totally changed the way salon markets their color services. For example, for last Valentine’s, Atelier featured a color email blast, with the tagline “Make Valentine’s Delicious” and pictures of models with descriptors of Champagne, Strawberry and Chocolate. Underneath the ad read: “100% Love, Zero Calories.”



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