Sold-Out Farouk International Conference in Cancun, Coming Soon!














The Farouk Systems Conference will take place in Cancun, Mexico, August 23-26.  It brings together Farouk partners and hairdressers from around the world.  The conference is a sold-out event, with celebrity guests Bill and Giuliana Rancic attending, and a full three days of hair-raising shows, education and introductions.  And just like its home base state of Texas, Farouk Systems plans to do everything in a BIG WAY.

“Farouk (Shami, founder of Farouk Systems) loves to have a good time and to do everything all out,” says VP of Shows and Education, Lisa Maria Garcia.  “We have more stylists than ever attending, along with representatives from our international distributors from over 120 countries. Our opening party will kick off on the beach, with live music, a pyrotechnic show, dancing, entertainment and so much fun. “

In the following days, the Global Creative Directors from around the world will perform on stage, demonstrating “The World of Hairdressing” and highlighting Farouk’s international appeal.  “We’re presenting a high fashion runway show, with artists representing 14 countries. Our wardrobe was overseen by Sherri Hill, who is the Official Wardrobe Director for the Miss Universe Pageant.”

A new collection, Beauty Clash, will be introduced. “Its name comes from taking a refined and elegant look and then tying in a tougher, punk vibe,” explains Garcia.

There will also be interactive booths set up as learning centers, staffed with Farouk Systems scientists, members of the marketing and product development teams, so guests can talk about the technology behind the new launches and tools.

“People can really get in there and learn about our products,” says Garcia. “We’ll also have breakout rooms with international teams doing styling and showing you how to duplicate runway hair or hair from Miss Universe.”

Basim Shami, Chief Executive Officer of Farouk Systems, will be sharing what’s new, including additions to the Farouk family: Andre Chiavelli’s appointment as Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Strategy and Mary Wilson's hiring as new Vice President of Marketing. 

“Farouk’s passion for the hairdresser is still our focus and Basim’s message will be how we’re taking that to the next level,” says Garcia. “Basim will be introducing the next generation of Farouk Systems, sharing our global strategy and talking about plans for our future.”   

Amidst all the planning and preparation, what does Garcia look forward to most?

Sold-Out Farouk International Conference in Cancun, Coming Soon!

“My favorite part is the time I get to be with all the hairdressers from all over the world,” she says.  “We are a very international company and we have teams from across the globe. And while we know that we have different cultures, when it comes to beauty, we’re all talking the same language.”

Connect with Farouk during the Conference via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #faroukcancun13.

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