Strategies Announces No-Compromise Leadership SeminarStrategies, a leading national business management training and coaching company, has announced dates for a two-day "No-Compromise Leadership" seminar. The event will take place on June 2-3, 2013 at the Strategies Business Academy in Centerbrook, CT, and will be facilitated by Strategies' Founder & CEO, Neil Ducoff.

"No-compromise leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and business outcomes," says Ducoff. "This course provides insight into the best business practices that should be embraced, adopted or renewed in all companies, regardless of the industry. It's two very powerful days on how to become a better leader."

Developed using content from Ducoff's award-winning leadership book of the same title, the curriculum for the No-Compromise Leadership Seminar will concentrate on the methodologies and disciplines needed to become a true no-compromise leader. This process will begin by focusing on attendees' leadership thinking and behaviors, and will conclude with how to develop the skills needed to create a dynamic no-compromise company culture - a culture committed to driving the Four Business Outcomes (productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer loyalty).

"If you trace the origin of most business challenges, crises and missed opportunities, the culprit is leadership compromise," says Ducoff. "Compromise is the path of least resistance. This seminar will give attendees total immersion into what it takes to be a no-compromise leader – every day, no matter what."

The No-Compromise Leadership Seminar is recomended for owners, leaders, managers, department heads, project managers, HR managers, sales managers — anyone in a leadership/decision making position.

Tuition for the No-Compromise Leadership Seminar is $595 per person and can be purchased directly at

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