Beth Minardi Signature ColorAll through her professional life, master colorist and industry icon Beth Minardi has been working toward realizing her biggest dream: to create a superior approach to hair coloring. Through the help of Joico this dream is now realized with the launch of her own haircolor line, Beth Minardi Signature – a rich performance professional hair color system featuring 56 dimensional, high-shine shades. “I promise the best coverage, shine, condition you have ever seen, guaranteed,” says Minardi.

Today, salons need color products that control as they perform, says Minardi. In Beth Minardi Signature hair color, brunette shades control unwanted brassiness, blondes are sophisticated and the reds range from vibrant to ultra-natural.

“I have created a completely intermixable system – from deepest to pale; cool, smoky tones and brilliant golds, coppers and reds,” says Minardi. “Results are achieved with control so that the colorist is able to most accurately predict the outcome before the color is applied.”

Beth also created each shade name herself; professional hair color is no longer just a “number and level” system it’s a color story built into each name. Clients can tell their friends “I’m an, ‘I’m on Fire’” or  “I’m wearing ‘Laguna Beach’” which also helps to build an aura of a unique salon experience.

All Beth Minardi Signature shades contain a dual conditioning system featuring Ceramide 2, a biomimetic lipid that mimics nature to strengthen and protect the hair’s cuticle layer during the hair color process. The Ceramide 2 ingredient helps maintain hair’s flexibility, elasticity and shine while preventing future washout and fading. All shades are also formulated with Phyto-Collagen, proteins that restore the hair’s natural moisture balance while also repairing damage to hair’s internal structure, delivering nourishment during hair color processing. In combination, these elements are scientifically proven to maximize hair condition while cumulatively improving hair condition with each use.  

Beth Minardi Signature features three delivery systems:

Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Crème Color: Formulated to match, deepen or lighten natural color, while providing 100 percent gray coverage. Shades including Beachwood, Crème Soda, Orange Poppy and Autumn Harvest pepper this color category.

Beth Minardi Signature Demi Permanent Crème Color: This ammonia-free color is formulated for lowlighting hair, covering gray without lift and toning pre-lightened blondes. These demi permanent shades match or deepen natural or lightened hair and cover grays seamlessly. Shades like Bamboo, Sapphire Ice, Cinnamon Toast and Cherry Mocha.

Beth Minardi Signature Demi Permanent Liquid Color: This ammonia-free liquid color is formulated to provide extreme shine. It matches or deepens color and refreshes faded, dry, lackluster hair lengths. Slate, Buttercream and Burnished Ginger name just a few of these remarkable, intermixable shades.

The Minardi Luxury Color Care system of Pre-Wash, Washes, After-Washes and Stylers contains this same Ceramide 2 and Phyto-Collagen featured in the Beth Minardi Signature.

Beth Minardi Signature professional color line is available beginning January 2013 at select professional salons nationwide. Visit for more information.

Beth Minardi Signature Color

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