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Years of experience in the industry have taught us how to give salons a digital voice through social media campaigns, search engine marketing, web design, and blogging services. We create realistic strategies that are easy to understand, increase your bottom line, and save you time.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We don’t just build websites and Facebook pages; we build relationships between businesses and their clients that are long-lasting, rewarding and fun.

HOW WE WORK: Generic supermarket coloring products won’t give great results, and neither will a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. For the best results, we focus on providing customized marketing plans for salons and spas through individualized coaching and consultations that fit the salons’ unique needs, goals and budget.

CATCH US AT: Our website,, or on Facebook ( and Twitter (@linkupmarketing) where you’ll find the latest industry news, marketing tips and advice, or whatever we think is cool at the moment.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Clippers aren’t the only salon tool that helps you create buzz. Every moment can be a social moment if you look for the angles and relevance to your audience. Start looking for things you know your clients are interested in and put them to work. Try out new angles on old tricks; think about different ways to show something; don’t be afraid to be a bit edgy; ask questions you truly want answers to; be as transparent, candid and open as you would be if they were sitting in the chair in front of you.

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: The great thing about online marketing is that it’s easy to cut costs and be more efficient while also implementing a business-boosting strategy. Something as simple as starting an e-mail campaign to say Happy Birthday will save time and money compared to a traditional postcard. Plus, it can bring in business during that client’s birthday month. The trick is knowing where you can gain the most benefit each step of the journey.

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