In the short space of a week, the salon community heard news of two deadly salon shootings—one in Florida and one in Wisconsin.  Especially devastating is the fact of these occurring only one year after a violent rampage in a Seal Beach, CA salon that left eight dead.  These terrible intrusions into places devoted to caretaking and service to others are tragic.   While these horrible acts can occur in any work environment, the beauty industry has been especially hard hit, lately.  This is an industry with a huge heart and, right now, its heart is breaking.  These outpourings of grief and disbelief are from MODERN SALON’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Janet D’Amato at Salon Brillare:  I live just 15 minutes down the road from Azana.  It is a gorgeous facility.  Our salon community is devastated.  As a salon industry, we should do more to bring greater awareness to the epidemic of domestic  violence.  It seems it is a large problem within our salons and spas across the nation.  Prayers and peace goes out to the staff and families of Azana.  Thank you Modern Salon for bringing this story forward on Facebook.

Amber Kaljumaa-Richeson:  My heart aches for the families that lost loved ones.  It makes me sad to think about the survivors that have been terrified in a place that was their haven—safe and relaxing.  The psych(ological)  part of such events always makes me so sad.

Anna Mullet: Wow, people today have such an unhealthy way of dealing with their problems.  This is so sad and completely devastating.

John Best: I am so sorry to hear this.  I am so sorry our world is so crazy.  Hold the ones you love tight and tell them you love them every day.

On Twitter, followers re-tweeted   MODERN SALON’s link to a story on the shooting, adding their own comments sending prayers and support to the salon victims and their families.

Revealed @deepnsidemysoul:  Salon, spa appointments, a time for women to relax and be pampered now tarnished by these needless acts of violence!!

Learn about what the Professional Beauty Association is doing to address domestic violence.

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