Color Conservation: Don’t Throw Money Down the DrainAT THE INTERSECTION of environmental sustainability and advanced technology, exciting new things are developing as a company known for the color formulation needs of ink and paint industry are taking a closer look at hair color. Mitchell Saranow, chairman of SureTint, tells you what this can mean in the near future in your salon.

ST: How can SureTint save money for salons?

Saranow: “SureTint is an error-free, waste-free color dispensing system that is up to seven times more accurate than conventional mixing. Our initial beta test site at Xenon International Academy in Wichita, Kansas, is producing remarkable results after installing the system just three months ago. Xenon management estimates that it has reduced its consumption of hair color by approximately 30%, and it anticipates producing annual savings well in excess of the cost of installing the system. We are confident that similar savings can be achieved in salons throughout the country, and that our approach has the potential of increasing the profitability of the whole industry.”

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