Create a Code of Honor

One of the most effective ways to eliminate drama, strife, gossip, and complaining in the salon is to create a Code of Honor, says Lauren Gartland, the founder of Inspiring Champions. “A code of honor is a written agreement that powerfully declares what you stand for as a team and puts into place mutual agreements that you promise to respect, honor and value at all times. If someone breaks the code, it impacts everyone, but you have a written agreement you can go back to.”

To create the Code of Honor, Gartland suggests identifying four to five of the most important core values your salon team wants to stand for as a business. Examples include: Trust, Love, Communication, Honesty, Service, Excellence, Integrity, Fun. Once you establish your core values, create a written statement for each describing what you will abide to as a team in this specific core value.

“For example, a written statement for Communication could be: We agree to create a safe place to let others be seen, heard and understood. We promise to let others finish their sentences first before we speak. When we have an issue we handle it with that person directly with love, respect and compassion,” says Gartland.

If an employee continues to break the code and not honor it, they have to go!

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