Simple Waxing Solution


Facial Waxing
USE THIS PRODUCT: AII GiGi Mini-Pro Waxing Kit
THE COOL FACTOR: Without booking out more time, you can tap into a client must-have and earn significantly more dollars.
• You charge $25 for an AII GiGi lip + brow wax
• To 3 clients per day, 15 per week
• You bring in $18,750 more in one year

the service buzz:
Mini-Pro Kits from American International Industries' (AII) GiGi Honee Wax, the number one wax in the world, make it easy for hair stylists to maximize their facial waxing add-on business. Set aside a small wax area at your station, by the shampoo bowl or both, advises Elham Jazab, AII global educator. The kits have everything you need to prepare the hair and skin, apply the wax and remove it afterward.

"During the hair service, I just tap the client's brows and ask, ‘Do you want me to clean up your brows while you're here?'" says Jazab, who works as both a stylist and esthetician. "Or I'll pat the hair on the woman's upper lip and say, ‘Do you want me to get rid of that right there?' As I'm doing the eyebrows or lip I might suggest also taking care of the fuzz on the side of her cheeks. I find that clients appreciate being reminded. People like to have a nice, clean look without worrying about stubble. Our waxing lasts three to six weeks depending on how the hair grows and how fine it is."

For men, the unibrow and back of the neck start the communication process. Clients also might ask about the tops of their shoulders, the knuckles on their hand, arm waxes and other clean-ups that you can do if your station has privacy. Facial waxing is highly profi table because you need very little wax for such small patches, and it can take less than five minutes. "Waxing is the most efficient way to increase your bottom line," comments Jazab.

don't miss this:
Clean+Easy roll-on wax, also from AII, is a good option for arms and the back of the neck; choose from a medium-size roller or a fine roller. Or, use the Clean+Easy Petite Waxing Spa to cover at least 25 brow or lip waxes. Between the two brands, AII offers a wax for every need. For example, says Jazab, "GiGi Brazilian hard wax is excellent for the tough chin hairs on mature, sensitive skin. The wax clings to the hair, not the skin."

Adding waxing to your salontrend alert:
Don't overlook lash extensions as a dollar generator. AII Lash beLong (LBL) lashes offer clients a way to fill in what nature has missed with a "flirty" look of 20 lashes per eye or a full set of 40 or more. In Los Angeles, Jazab says the service runs between $200 and $350, with touchups adding $45 to $60 every two to three weeks. "Once people get lash extensions, their hooked!" she adds. Each LBL kit contains 16,000 lash extensions in four sizes, plus 360 "volume" extensions. The service takes up to two hours. Notes Jazab: "Plenty of potential profits there!"

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