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Despite the troubled economy, retail sales at the 20 Mario Tricoci Hair Salons and Day Spas throughout the Midwest are going up. Chief Operating Officer Larry Silvestri credits the growth to the company's philosophical shift regarding categorizing clients.
"We used to carry lines at different price points we thought of as good, better and best," explains Silvestri, who also serves as a board director for Cosmetologists Chicago. "Now we're looking at clients according to different behavioral characteristics.
"For example, we've got the Beauty Junkie who isn't loyal to any one brand but always goes for the latest and greatest, hottest new product," he continues. "Then there's the Upwardly Mobile who, although she is very design-conscious, can't quite afford the very top. There's the High-End User who will buy anything she wants-she's very results-oriented and willing to pay for it. There is also Teen, Health & Wellness and finally Eco-Friendly. The latter is environmentally conscientious and wants a strong third-party endorsement."

The Mario Tricoci staff is trained to not judge clients strictly on budget, but to look at them as a clean sheet of paper. "They are to learn about what's most important to the client, then try to place her in one of the behavioral categories-in turn that shapes the retail conversation," says Silvestri. "For example, if the client is Eco-Friendly, the technician will talk about one of our lines with a strong environmental story. If she's Upwardly Mobile, the stylist may focus on one of our more affordable lines that preserves hair color."

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